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Henry Cavill has worked twice now with Omaze to not only support his favourite charities, but to give a few lucky prize winners the experience of a lifetime. He previously supported Durrell Wildlife with a Batman V Superman experience (see our interview here with that winner) and this time around he’s supporting the Royal Marines Charity with an experience in the famous London Eye. We caught up with Christina, the winner of this wonderful Omaze experience and asked her about her day spent with Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

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We are excited to announce that we are giving away five copies of the Wonder Woman soundtrack, in partnership with WaterTower Music and Warner Brothers. Contest will run until midnight next Friday and is open to U.S. residents only. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post and good luck!

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Set in Iraq circa 2003, Sand Castle is based on screenwriter Chris Roessner’s experience as a machine gunner in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle. The plot centers on Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), who is part of a mission to repair a broken water system in the dangerous and unstable Iraqi village of Baqubah. While the people of Baghdad welcome the Americans as saviors, the villagers resist their presence and Matt and his unit must try to convince the community that they are part of the solution, not the problem, in order to save the town and get out alive. Henry Cavill plays the special forces captain running the operation in Baqubah. We caught up with Mr. Roessner to ask him about his movie and working with Henry.

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Last week, Instagram excitement exploded for Henry Cavill fans. The talented artist, Felix, shared a few of his images taken while Henry Cavill was doing the photoshoot for Men’s Fitness. They were candid and truly beautiful. As we looked through his many stunning images on his Instagram page, we thought it might be fun to talk to him more about his craft and his time spent photographing Henry. We are so thankful he agreed to do the interview with us.

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During the promotional tour for Batman v Superman, OMAZE ran a contest to win a helicopter ride with Henry Cavill before the premiere in NYC. The contest was in support of Durrell Wildlife — a charity that Henry is an ambassador for. We supported these efforts by sharing our own link to the contest and shared on our social media to attract donors and contest entrants. One of the contestants who entered through our link won the prize! Jennifer McCrae was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us regarding her adventures with Henry, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg at the world premiere of Batman v Superman in NYC.

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We were lucky enough to attend the New York Batman V Superman premiere on Sunday and cover it from the red carpet, hoping for a chance to interview Henry Cavill for our fansite. Even though we're Team Superman, we took the opportunity to snap some shots of the cast of Gotham, including Camren Bicondova (Catwoman), Cory Michael Smith (Riddler), David Mazouz (young Bruce Wayne) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred).

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The internet was recently set on fire when Superman actor Henry Cavill went to Durrell Wildlife Park to talk to some “outside professionals” as he called them… kids… about who was better, Batman or Superman. The video is part of a contest through Omaze to help raise money for charity, including Durrell, of which Henry is an ambassador. As it turns out, most of the children were Batman fans and try as he might, Henry Cavill was fighting a losing battle. So here comes Winter, who, at three years old was the youngest of the crowd.

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It’s time once again for our annual Cavillmas tradition of a month long giveaway of prizes relating to Henry Cavill or charities or groups that work with him.

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Steve Hayes and Peter Wright recently embarked on a journey traversing 254 KM through the Amazon jungle in Brazil. They completed this mission with hopes of not only pushing their bodies to a new level of accomplishment, but also to raise funds for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. They set out to raise 2000 pounds for Durrell and have crossed the halfway point of their goal. We recently caught up with them to find out more about their journey and to find out a bit more about Durrell Ambassador Henry Cavill’s support of their fundraiser.

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Лоренцо Агиус считается одним из самых выдающихся звёздных фотографов современности. На его фотографиях можно увидеть многих самых известных звёзд Голливуда, таких как Том Круз, Дженнифер Конноли, Джек Николсон, Бейонсе, Мадонна, Хелен Хант, Джуд Лоу, Сэмьюэл Л Джексон, Кевин Спейси и других. Его работы украшают популярные глянцевые журналы от «Эсквайра» и GQ до «Гламура» и Vanity Fair. Кроме того, Лоренцо известен своими промо-фотосессиями для кинофильмов.

Он работал с юным Генри Кэвиллом еще в 2008-м году для журнала Men’s Health, а потом, спустя несколько лет, снова – уже для промо-кампании «Агентов А.Н.К.Л.» Его новые фотографии Генри Кэвилла совсем недавно публиковались в итальянском Vanity Fair, русском Cosmopolitan и многих других журналах.

В нашем эксклюзивном интервью с Лоренцо мы поговорили о его работе с Генри.