03 Нояб Henry Cavill — Heart not of Steel, but Gold

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The new career stage of Henry Cavill is shown by not only his work in the movies, but by his endeavors off camera. It all started with his support of the International Medical Corps last year and see what he has become now. Henry spends more and more time doing charity work. In the past six months, Henry has been honoured to become an ambassador to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, and also for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He has the power to help and he uses it.


On the last weekend of October Henry flew from Detroit to Gibraltar to support the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines. Being the RMCTF ambassador, Henry took part in some events including the Gibraltar Rock Run, which was organized with permission of His Excellency the Governor of Gibraltar.

About 350 Royal Marines and Royal Navy men and women took part in the race on Saturday morning, October 25.

The runners donned luminous yellow t-shirts reflecting the RMCTF fundraising initiative of the organizers and participants. The Royal Marines Scotland Band marched ahead of the runners to the start line.

Before and after the race, Henry found time for his fans. You can see all the photos from the weekend here, here, here and here. And, of course, several interviews were given by the actor, including an exclusive post-race interview to HenryCavill.Org (Part 1/Part 2).

The most topical issue in the numerous interviews Henry did that day was the actor’s charity work. Henry told us that the most important part of charity work is finding something you care about and raising awareness of that particular thing.

We can see that Henry knows what he is talking about: “Royal Marine has always been in my heart because my brother is a Royal Marine”. His brother Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill MBE, a serving Royal Marine, participated alongside Henry, his younger brother. Henry added: “I realize there is an opportunity to raise awareness for those who are presently serving and recovering either quality of life or through life which are the three pathways they serve with grants. Also former marines who are suffering beyond service”. Nik agreed with his brother’s words.

Their company was completed by Henry’s ‘Batman V Superman’ trainer Michael Blevins, who was chatting with Nik and Henry the whole race. “The run itself was really hard, it was really hard work. It was great to have them running with me, as much as they were talking the whole way up. I was just trying to breathe. It was really good to be carried up by those two, so I appreciate it a lot,” Henry said.

Henry admits, though the target of 20,000 pounds for his JustGiving campaign was not achieved by the date of the Royal Marines birthday, the support to the RMCTF has been fantastic: “Unfortunately we didn’t quite reach it, we made about 17,000 but my fans and everyone I work with have been very supportive.”

Also, Henry had a special message for his fans who have supported his JustGiving campaign: "Thank you so much to everyone for all their support. It's been absolutely fantastic to see everyone donating regularly, especially this past few days," he noted. "It's incredible what's been donated, so thank you very much for supporting a cause that is so close to my heart and to Nik's."

Henry expressed gratitude to his fans from the CAASisters (Cavill Addicts Anonymous Sisters & Brothers), who have donated about 50% of his JustGiving campaign goal for the RMCTF.

The events of the weekend along with the press and publicity around the RMCTF have shown us how deeply Henry Cavill has decided to plunge into this relatively new part of his life — charity work. His publicity and popularity improves, and really suits him. We look forward to hearing more about Cavill’s work with those causes that are near and dear to his heart and passions.

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