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Today, United Voices (a United Agent voice company that represents Henry Cavill) shared Henry's new voice reels with four audio samples of his voice.

Just listen.

Virgin Airlines
Johnnie Walker

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“He emerges onto a rooftop, high above London. A mysterious helicopter comes in to land, he walks towards it. London belongs to him. But, who is he? Where has he been? And where is he going?”

[This ad proves he should’ve been Bond]

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The brand calls Henry Cavill a True British Gentleman – one who is in possession of effortless style and indefatigable self-assurance. He’s confident, dashing and witty.

Henry said: “I’m very honored to be the face of Dunhill Black. My traditional values are very important to me and I love that this fragrance is all about taking a gentleman’s approach to seduction.”

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