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Henry Cavill as Superman on film set in Chicago

Henry Cavill in full Superman suit flies and saves Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) in front of Daily Planet building during the night filming in Chicago on November 7, 2014 (+ videos).

Hooked up to a wire system, Henry took flight as he shot scenes as the Superman at Chicago's Federal Plaza in Illinois on Friday. Henry displayed his incredibly toned physique in his skintight blue and red superhero suit as he took to the sky with ease, giving the illusion that he was hovering in mid-air.

His co-star, Amy Adams, who of course plays Clark Kent/Superman's love interest, Lois Lane, joined him on set. While it has been widely speculated that Lois will find herself in the middle of a love triangle between Superman and Batman (played by Ben Affleck) she certainly seemed to only have eyes for her only hero during filming. Lois was pictured enjoying a tender embrace with Superman after he was lowered back down to the ground as the cameras rolled, sombre expressions on both their faces as they seemingly said their goodbyes during a heartfelt scene. In another photo from the set, Amy can be seen mimicking her co-star as she stands several feet behind him.

Photos via JustJured, Daily Mail, Twitter & Instagram:


Great video report by FOX 32 News Chicago (it's helpful for those who is wondering about filming locations in Chicago)


Video by FalseLieStudios:


A couple of videos by JoAnn Martinez: "Superman and Lois are talking when he flies away. Then the post scene return to Earth."


Flying again! #bvschicago #batmanvsuperman

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! No seriously it's Superman! #BatmanVsSuperman filming in Chicago

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