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Henry Cavill works on Batman V Superman film set: new photos of the Superman suit

Henry Cavill was pictured in his new Superman suit on the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in Detroit — detailed look at the new Superman suit in daylight (August 20, 2014).


As filming continues in Detroit on Henry's new movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we get new set photos daily. After the first photos in which Henry was imprinted in black robe over his new Superman costume, we can finally can see a pretty good picture of Henry in the new suit from film set.

While Henry took a stroll to his trailer, he did not seem to care much about that black robe completely hid him, and as a result pleased us with a new amazing picture!

Henry Cavill as Superman on the film set Henry Cavill as Superman on the film set in Detroit


As we know, in the Batman V Superman movie, Superman's costume was slightly modified in comparison with what Henry wear in the Man of Steel. We could see all the new and changed items on the first official promo image of Henry Cavill as Superman, released months and a half ago. In this new photo, we also see changes of the details on the belt and even additional relief on the S-shield.

As for the general impression... Hmm... Henry, you look amazing!