Fan Pictures

Henry Cavill was spotted again in Rochester, Detroit, MI on August 22, 2014, and took a few photos with lucky fans.

One more fan picture came from Jersey: Nicolas met Henry Cavill into the St Brelade Church. Henry is looking great in casual attire!

New fan pictures came from Jersey Island: Lauren Pollock met Henry Cavill in Radisson hotel. Another "fanpic" was posted on Twitter by Kerrie Ryan, who shared a photo of her nanny having lunch with Henry there.

Here are some more pictures of Henry Cavill with fans that have emerged over the weekend, August 2-3. Henry took a break in the filming of Batman v Superman and came from Detroit to London to reshoot some scenes for his new movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E., slated to release in January.

New picture just came from London. Lucky fans met Henry Cavill today in the center of the British capital, namely in the Covent Garden. As always, Henry was very kind and happy to pose for photos with the girls.

The next day after the Pig & Whiskey Festival in Ferndale, Henry Cavill was spotted by lucky fans in one of the local restaurants in Detroit. Henry was kind enough to pose for pictures with them.

Henry Cavill was spotted spending his day out with trainer Michael Blevins at the Pig & Whiskey Festival in Ferndale, Detroit, Michigan. Appearing on such a crowded event, Henry, of course, was ready to take pictures with his fans. See the new fan photos and a video of Henry signing autographs.

UPD: We've got 14 Hi-Res photos of Henry greeting fans, you can find them in our gallery.

Henry is very busy with work as filming is underway for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in Detroit, Michigan. A whole month has passed since fans saw him spending his spare time in one of the local bars. Finally, tonight we got new pictures of Henry with lucky fans.

The weekend in Detroit, Michigan is very kind to Henry Cavill fans, who met him in Royal Oak on June 7, 2014. Henry looking very buff here as filming is underway for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Lucky fans met Henry Cavill at Vinsetta Garage in Birmingham, Michigan (where Henry is filming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice), on May 31, 2014.