01 Dec Henry Cavill’s Special Magic with Children

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Henry Cavill is known not just as Superman, but also as one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood. Year after year, his charm and handsomeness help him to make the lists of the sexiest men alive.

Have you ever wondered what makes him so attractive?


Henry Cavill is friendly, kind, polite, intelligent, and moreover, according to people who have had the good luck to work with him, he has a good sense of humor. Not to mention his legendary dedication and willingness to sacrifice for a higher purpose. Beyond his astounding handsomeness, these character traits make him even more beautiful, inside and out.

All these qualities make him one heckuva charming guy.

However, there is something that acts like a turbo-booster for Henry's charm. Something that immediately raises the grade of his charm and kindness to the cosmic level, and even sets off his handsomeness, presenting him in a more favorable light.


This "something" that creates a special magic of Henry’s charm are children.

It is known that some men gain a special attraction, communicating with children. This doesn’t work for everybody, but you can see this feature as an example with such actors as Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, and François Arnaud. To be good with children can turn on a new level of charm for a man, but it is necessary to have the stars come together in a special way, and in Henry's case, his stars came together perfectly.

We know many of you have become fans of Henry Cavill thanks to the TV series The Tudors, where he played Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. If you are one of those fans, please, answer this question: what exactly attracted you to Charles? His appearance? Hot scenes? Perhaps the development of his character over time? Or something else?

Some time ago, we conducted a similar survey among our fans, and the answer that was the most popular was seeing Charles act as a father to his son.


Although Charles is, in fact, the only character in the series, which is shown from episode to episode dealing with his son's upbringing (we didn’t see this with Henry VIII, Cromwell, Thomas More, or anyone else), it is unlikely that someone else for all four seasons of the The Tudors could look as attractive to the female audience in the role of the father, as Henry Cavill did. Do you remember the scene where the young Edward is playing with his father's sword, and Charles, seeing that, has a teaching moment with him? Remember how events unfolded in this scene? Did you believe then, if only for a moment, that Charles was mortally wounded? Girls, would you like such a father to your child? (Click "Like" at the bottom, if yes).


Long time TV series The Tudors was the only Henry Cavill's work where we could see his interaction with a child.

Much later was the Man of Steel with that short scene where Clark rescues a little girl during a hurricane. Remember this part of the movie?

Henry Cavill on the Man Of Steel film set Henry Cavill works on the Man Of Steel film set


To a certain extent, we only know how Henry is presented on screen with children and not necessarily how he interacts with them off-camera.

However, later on we began to see candid photos, where Henry Cavill signed autographs and posed for pictures with small children — and immediately the press exploded with excitement and emotion. It's an unforgettable moment for any child when Superman himself talks to you and takes pictures with you!


And then the dam broke and flooded us with a stream of photos of the actor with children of all different ages. We don’t know whether Henry learned the secret of his irresistible appeal, and began to use it to his advantage or if he really just loves children - for us, to be honest, it becomes quite unimportant when we see pictures like these:


Amy Adams, Henry’s Man Of Steel co-star, once told about a funny moment which took place on the film set in Vancouver between Henry and her 1.5-years-old daughter, Aviana. The little girl happened to touch Henry’s butt. “My daughter really liked Henry in the suit and gave him a cheeky grab. She just wanted to touch the suit and reached out…” Amy reveals. “Henry is her first man crush,” she adds.
Henry himself tells that story with little Aviana in this way: “I happened to be turned away from her, and because I was turned away – she was always quite shy when I tried to talk to her – she then saw the opportunity to actually look at my outfit. And she wanted to touch it. And so she reached out and she just happened to be at bottom height and it was just then that Amy caught her hand and said, ‘No, you can’t do that!’ So that’s the story.”


As we know, Henry is always friendly with ALL of his fans and, as a rule, gladly poses for pictures with them, but his photographs with children will stand apart always: they radiate genuine sincere kindness and love for children that is impossible to depict only by acting talent. Why else would mothers gladly put their babies into Henry’s arms?

It is clear why children make Henry Cavill especially attractive. When you see a man, in whom the perfect gene pool literally shines through and who has a genuine love for children — this image impacts directly on a woman's subconscious — procreation, parenting, well, you know...

Besides that, children show in a perfect way, that Henry Cavill is one of those men to whom you want to trust and feel it’s safe to trust. And who, if not children, subconsciously read people? Next to them, Henry is always calm and tender. He is not trying to please them or get rid of them quickly, so anyone who sees such an idyllic picture, just cannot tear their eyes away from them. This self-confident, reliable, kind and strong man with a child makes them realize that this man not only can be trusted, but you can even trust him with your life. That is the secret of Henry Cavill. He is not just a beautiful and intelligent man, he's a real man next to whom you feel warm, quiet and safe… like a child.


After all that there is no doubt that one day Henry Cavill will be a wonderful father.


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