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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Filming Chronicles (May—August)

Here ot this page, we are collecting all the bits of information we get from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film set in chronological order, so here you'll have a kind of "live stream" about the movie production process.


August 29, 2014: Okay, this is Henry as Clark Kent! Photo by @AlasdairBoswell.



August 27, 2014: The filming of the new scene began. Clark Kent (Henry's double) was seen infront of Gotham City Jail. Photos via @treinman and @bananadoc.



August 22, 2014: More pictures of Henry Cavill — detailed look at the new Superman suit in daylight .


August 19, 2014: First pictures of Henry Cavill and Tao Okamoto on the film set of Batman v Superman in Detroit: they were seen leaving the set at the end of the day's filming, on August 18, 2014.


August 15, 2014: We have tons of photos of Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams working on the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit in the first weeks of August, 2014. All of them are Hi-Res, so you can see the details.


August 9, 2014: More picture of a car chase scene by @FreepEnt, @AnnArborNights, @sammy__wammy, and, of course, Bananadoc has tons of new pics!



August 8, 2014: More photos of a car chase scene by @FreepEnt and @juliaunanavarro, and a video of Ben Affleck working on the film set by Dan Newman:



August 7, 2014: Filming of a car chase scene (Batmobile wasn't spotted unfortunately), new photos via @audreylafrst, @cromiee, @JoeyDezzy, @mh_scripty, @ROSSETTIdesign, @Vizzy91, @Zlatimeyer:



More photos were published in "There were plenty gawkers and plenty security folks and production assistance with headphone sets telling people not to videotape or take photos during actual scenes. Not everyone listened. One scene included a security vehicle zipping out of the alley between the Ford and Penebscot buildings on Griswold. Spectators were enthralled."



August 6, 2014:Dan Newman shares a video from Detroit, that features Zack Snyder working on the film set; you can find the new photos on


Also, here's a video of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) saving a little girl on the film set in Detroit on August, 5. You can find tons of photos of Ben Affleck filming this scene in our gallery.


August 4, 2014: Update — more photos from @Bananadoc:



August 4, 2014: FIRST LOOK at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne on the film set in Detroit via @ottensam...

...and a couple of new images via @WWJ950:



July 29, 2014: More set photos from @Bananadoc: "Just when I thought we were in Metropolis..."


July 28, 2014: New set photos from @Bananadoc: "Saw some other damage.. but probably not due to weather! All in all it looks like it was a bad day to be in Metropolis."


July 24, 2014: More devastation in Corktown. That BvS set is getting a whole lot messier! (new pics via @bananadoc)


July 17, 2014: "The large ‘crosses’ are in fact being made to look like structural pieces of the black office building across the street. At first I thought they might be there to enhance the facade of the building, but now it looks more like they are destined to be pieces of the building that have crashed to the ground after some kind of superhero-induced disaster. Similarly the large pieces of styrofoam are in the process of being painted gray to look like large pieces of concrete, torn up pavement, and other disaster-debris. The wood structures that look kind of like construction-roofing seem to be the framework for the concrete slabs, so the scene will look like there’s been pretty major upheaval. Looks like the streets of Gotham (or Metropolis?) are in for some trouble," @bananadoc reports.


July 12, 2014: more corktown photos from @bananadoc:


July 10-11, 2014: @Marlen714 and her friends brought us a few corktown photos. "Found Martha Kent's wagon but no school bus", they reports. They also took some pictures in front of the black building. The site was teeming with construction men working (painting the cross structures black, etc), they said. At the location, the local crew member told them, that "shooting at corktown would begin in 3 weeks or so but that filming was now in the studios".


June 27, 2014: Another spoiler? A huge scene was filmed today infront of LexCorp building in Pontiac, MI, including police officers, firefighters, a SWAT team and EMTs (via @Bananadoc)


Later on June 25: Possible spoiler?! Extras placing flowers around the broken Superman statue (via @JStoix and @Bananadoc)


June 25, 2014: Fleet of Gotham and Metropolis vehicles getting ready for a scene in Pontiac by Michigan Motion Picture Studios (via @EricLacy):


June 22-23, 2014: We received these photos from the set of Batman V Superman in Michigan. Our source tells us the giant green screen actually resembles a football stadium with bleacher seats! Scenes were filmed at a college stadium between Gotham and Metropolis earlier in October. One of the buildings has the “S” shield spray-painted on it. It may be part of the rumoured scene where graffiti is cleaned off the giant Superman statue. A new cream-colored building can be seen behind the green screen.


June 20, 2014: New pictures from LexCorp building/giant green screen filming location (dismantling of giant Superman statue) via @JStoix, @Bananadoc, and a chopper video via @JStoix



June 19, 2014: LexCorp chopper (photo via @JStoix)


June 14-15, 2014: News vans with the inscriptions "Gotham 13 Live" and "News 8 Metropolis" (photos via @DEVLIN712 and @walstadm)


June 13-14, 2014: Police helicopter with the inscription "Metropolis" on its side (more)



June 10-17, 2014: Different shots of the building with LexCorp logo: 


June 10, 2014: Military trucks on the film set (more)


June, 9, 2014: First photos of the giant Man Of Steel Statue in front of large green screen (more)


May 16, 2014: The shooting of movie stills with Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman in Birmingham, Michigan (more)


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