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Laguna (Vendetta / Hotel Laguna)

Laguna (Vendetta / Hotel Laguna)

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Release: April 2001 (Italy); 2008 (DVD)

Studio: Kingsborough Pictures

Director: Dennis Berry

Writers: Augusto Caminito, Claude Harz

Henry Cavill plays: Thomas Aprea

Other stars: Emmanuelle Seigner, Joe Mantegna, Sergio Castellitto, Charles Aznavour

Official sites: IMDb


Young Thomas Aprea (Henry Cavill) sees his parents die in an attack. It is collected by Joe, a family friend who raises him as his son. But one day, Tony, the sponsor of the attack, reappears. Thomas was forced into exile in Venice, with Nicolas (Joe Mantegna), a friend of Joe, a former mobster, who treats him like his own son, but his wife, Thelma, seems to hate...


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