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Henry Cavill is an inspiration for many authors


Henry Cavill is perfect book boyfriendHenry Cavill is perfect book boyfriend

It is no surprise that Henry Cavill fans often choose him as the protagonist of the romantic story they are reading. Just go to our Facebook or Twitter and read the comments on Henry's photos: “Henry should play Christian Grey,” “He is my Gideon Cross!” “He would be perfect as Professor Emerson.” There are so many books and so many heroes which Henry could embody perfectly, that it is now a common feeling with his fans: Henry Cavill is the perfect book boyfriend.

Not only fans, but also the authors themselves often say that Henry Cavill either was the model for their romantic hero or they see him in the lead role in a possible film or televison adaptation of their books. If you are a true Henry Cavill fan, you most likely know that Henry was the ideal actor to play the vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight saga. Author Stephenie Meyer once said that Henry Cavill was her dream choice, but Mother Nature thwarted the casting and Henry missed out on one of the biggest movie franchises in recent years, even though he had some strong support in his corner. While the flick was in development, Meyer stated: “Indisputably the most difficult character to cast, Edward is also the one that I’m most passionately decided upon. The only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is Henry Cavill. Henry was Albert, the young son in The Count of Monte Cristo. Can you see it? I know I can!” Meyer blogged in 2007.

Henry Cavill in the Count of Monte CristoHenry Cavill in Count of Monte Cristo

Though Henry revealed that his star-making “casting” never made it far beyond Meyer’s lips.

“I’ve heard this, but I haven’t heard from Stephenie,” Henry said in 2009, adding, “I haven’t spoken to her personally, and I haven’t spoken to the producers. No one even called me or my agent.”

However, after some delays in development, Meyer conceded that Henry had aged out of Twilight territory. “The most disappointing thing for me is losing my perfect Edward. ... I’m not willing to relinquish Henry completely. ... I propose that Henry play Carlisle!”

Ultimately, Henry suspected, the three years between Rob Pattinson and himself were the main obstacle that kept him from becoming Edward. “What I’ve heard, or pieced together from various sources, is that Stephenie had seen me in whatever jobs I had done previously, and I was probably perfect then,” Henry grins, remembering his near-casting. “But then, the ravages of time had taken their toll. By the time it came around to casting, I didn’t look right for the character, I was too old,” Henry says. Laughing, he adds: “I hate myself.”

The Twilight episode is possibly another Hollywood rumor. I believe the original author (Stephenie Meyer) was very keen on how I looked and said at one stage that I would make an ideal Edward Cullen. However, I was a lot younger at that stage, too. Then a few years later, the movie started getting made and of course, I was a few years older and therefore too old for the role.

  Henry Cavill

Even though the role has been cast and filming is complete, Henry Cavill has been and still is one of the fans favorites for the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the novel Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L.James. This role has caused endless debate among fans, and Henry’s ambiguous answers in different interviews on his thoughts to play this role: “[Christian Grey] is very different from what Superman is” only added fuel to the fire.

There are a huge number of readers all over the world, who at the mere mention of sexy millionaire Christian Gray, have an image of Henry Cavill popup in their imagination.

Today, it is obvious that Henry Cavill will never play Christian Grey, but on our website we have a number of exclusive interviews with many authors, for which Henry was the inspiration and basis of the hero in their novels. The movie adaptations of their books have not yet taken place, and therefore Henry has all the chance to embody on screen a character, which was created literally from him.

One of the other characters, whose name is often associated with Henry Cavill, is Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series by author Sylvia Day.

“I really only have one [actor] I can think of and that's Henry Cavill,” Sylvia Day confirms fan excitement. “He’s absolutely his own man who doesn’t look like anyone else.” 

Gabriel's Inferno author Sylvain Reynard answering the question about what actor could play Professor Emerson, if it was the adaptation of the novel once, said: “I think the readers have come up with some great suggestions and Henry Cavill is among them.” 

These and other interviews with authors, who see Henry Cavill in the role of their protagonist, can be read on our site.

It’s easy to see that all these characters share common features: they are young, handsome, sexy, intelligent, noble by nature and devoted to their beloved women. Obviously, all these qualities are inherent in Henry and radiate when you see him. That's what makes Henry the perfect book boyfriend: he embodies the ideal of the man who any woman would like to see next to herself.

We trust in Henry's acting talent, and wish for him to play characters that are required to not only be charming, sexy, and beautiful in appearance with the perfect physique, but also have a deep inner world. We saw Henry in period roles, where he looked so organic that even playing the supporting roles, he overshadows the lead actors. We saw Henry as Superman, too, but we hope that he is such a versatile actor that he can adequately embody any character on the screen.


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