His Grace the Duke of Suffolk

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Henry Cavill made his big break out with period drama The Tudors


Henry Cavill in The Count of Monte CristoHenry Cavill in The Tudors

From 2007 to 2010, Henry Cavill had one of a leading roles in Showtime’s television series The Tudors alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sam Neil, Jeremy Northam, James Frain, Natalie Dormer, Gabrielle Anwar and other famous actors. In The Tudors Henry had become a medieval heartthrob playing the notorious Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, an elevated commoner and schemer whose character evolves from a playboy to the politically aware and socially conscious duke. As Charles Brandon, the role that made some remember his name, Henry starred in for four seasons of the period drama.

Henry’s character Charles Brandon is a best friend of the King Henry VIII, portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. “They grew up together… They are very close, and Charles is the only person who can actually effectively compete with King Henry and beat him with no fair repercussion… Normally he had pretty much free reign wherever he went in court. He could say whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted because he was King Henry's best mate. No one could touch him,” Henry Cavill announces. “The fun thing about playing a duke was that I got to act arrogant.”

Playing handsome playboy, who “really can’t keep his dick in his pants,” Henry had to be shooted in a few nude sex scenes. “Yup, it’s pretty steamy and quite embarrassing. All four of my brothers make jokes about it all the time. It’s gales of laughter seeing me shag a chick. They have a great giggle,” Henry says recalling his hot scene in the first episode of The Tudors. “It was the most graphic sex scene I have ever done. I was fully naked with my back to the camera, bum and everything, although we did wear modesty pouches.”

Being naked on camera isn’t the most comfortable of things. But sometimes the role calls for it, and this one did in particular. And it has certainly gotten me a lot of favors.

  Henry Cavill

Explaining why his Charles Brandon became so popular,  “Nudity, of course,” Henry responds with a smile. “And don't forget the boys… Seriously, I believe that my character is popular because he is more mischievous than malicious and for that reason, the girls get to like him and transform him in their imagination, into some kind of ideal man. This change took place in the first season, after having slept around a lot.”

It must be admitted that his nude scenes have not proceeded beyond the first season, mostly thanks to Henry’s talent, because his character became interesting and loving by the audience for his other qualities.

“My character could have been ‘that guy on the show who is always shagging people,’ but instead he’s a genuine, real character — a person who has flaws.” Henry says. “In life we all have phases we go through, big decisions we have to make that don’t make everyone happy. You get to see that with Charles Brandon.”

The series was well-received: it was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2007 and won an Emmy in 2008.

Henry credits the show with bolstering his career: “It’s done the most for me to date... Now that there’s an audience somewhere in America that’s aware of who I am, I have more sell-ability, because of The Tudors.”

Due to his knack at displaying “charm, depth, and a killer bod” in his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors Henry Cavill was listed as “Must Dashing Duke” in Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List of 2009.” 


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