Fan Art

It’s time once again for our annual Cavillmas tradition of a month long giveaway of prizes relating to Henry Cavill or charities or groups that work with him.
Each year we celebrate the career of Henry Cavill with our own special holiday, Cavillmas. We give away prize packs relating to Henry's movies, special projects and charitable pursuits. This year is no different. Christmas is the time when you prepare gifts for your friends, and here at our friends have a few gifts for us, which we will be giving away in our Cavillmas Giveaways this year. Thanks to them, we have some wonderful prizes, from a special edition of Man of Steel and First Day Covers stamps from Jersey Post to magazines, polos, e-books and graphic novels. Read the details below for individual prize packs and enter now for the any or all of the prize packs that you are most interested in.
See the gallery of beautiful Henry Cavill drawings by German artist Tatjana Segelken.
All our photo edits collected in the gallery. For more exclusive photo edits and all the news, please, join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram!
The gallery of amazing Man of Steel and SupermanVs.Batman posters by Fallen Phoenix.
These collages were made and shared with us by our fans. Thanks to Tammy Sanchez and Meran Covolo for these awesome works!
An incredibly talented Canadian artist David draws characters of his favorite movies. His works are just fabulous and absolutely stunning. Among other things, he also draws Henry Cavill's characters. His works include a large gallery for the TV series "The Tudors" — the original art inserted in Tudors licensed trading cards. David kindly agreed to place his drawings of Henry's characters on our website.