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14 Jan Author Angela Campbell chats about On the Scent and Henry Cavill

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Sometimes in our day to day tweeting, we find someone who not only loves Henry Cavill, but has a wonderful talent as well. This was the case with Angela Campbell. We knew from our tweet exchange that she loved Henry, but we had no idea she had written a contemporary romance with Henry as the inspiration for Zach, the protagonist. As soon as I read the opening description of Zach as tall, square jaw, thick dark hair and cobalt blue eyes, I had a distinct image in mind. Angela was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her writing, her inspiration and Henry Cavill.

I read that you read your first romance novel at sixteen and knew then that you wanted to write them. Tell us a bit more about what led you to write romance novels.

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 12, so I escaped into books and movies a lot as a teenager. Seriously, that escapism saved my life. One day my 16-year-old self got a shipment of free Harlequins in the mail—no idea how I got them—but I decided to read one and see what it was like. I’d always heard romances were dirty and I should stay away from them, so of course, I had to read one for myself and find out. I devoured the book in less than a day, not because of the smexy parts but because of the relationship and that delicious hunky alpha hero. Then I devoured the other books they’d sent me. My reading tastes shifted from Stephen King and Emily Bronte to pretty much any romance I could get my hands on after that. Since I wanted to have a career as a writer, it was only logical I try my hand at writing romance at some point.

Angela Campbell Angela Campbell


What inspired you to write the story of Hannah and Zachary in ON THE SCENT?

My first book had been published, and I was thinking up ideas for another when I saw a headline that read “Italian heiress leaves fortune to stray cat” (here’s the link). I had seen similar headlines where people left ridiculous amounts of money to their pets, and it got my mind churning with the idea for this book. What if a woman left $10 million to her cat and dog, which puts them and the nurse in charge of them, in danger? Of course, they’d need a sexy bodyguard, and—wait for it—wouldn’t it be funny if he were psychic and could hear the animals’ thoughts? Too far-fetched? Whatever. I have a weird sense of humor. I decided to run with it and make it believable.


The story has a wonderful element of supernatural in it that makes it fun to read. It actually added humor, suspense and intrigue to the story. Do you usually have a similar element in the stories you write?

Paranormal romances are my favorite genre, so I always try to sneak in some element of the supernatural into my stories. I try to keep it fun and light though, because I know not everyone enjoys the dark stuff as much as I do. Besides, life is dark enough. Eh. I try not to take it too seriously.


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill

As I read the description of Zach, thick dark hair, square jaw, cobalt blue eyes, my brain immediately pictured Henry Cavill. Did you have a muse for this character? Could you picture Henry in that role?

Of course! I blogged at the time I was writing the book about how I was using our beloved Henry Cavill as the role model for Zach. He’d just been cast in Man of Steel at that point, and I’m the biggest Superman fan on the planet, so I pasted up pictures of Henry from that first EW photo shoot and used them for Zach’s inspiration. I’m a tad bit obsessed with Henry, actually. You should see my Pinterest pages promoting these books! And, yes, if miracles happen and a movie were to ever be made of ON THE SCENT, I’d move heaven and earth to get Henry in that role. Hopefully he’d take one look at me and fall in love and not file stalking charges against me. Note to Henry: I’m harmless. Promise.


The story ended with the feeling that there was more to tell about Zach and Hannah. Will there be more books with these characters in them?

There are three books contracted in the series. Zach and Hannah and their animals appear in some way in each book, and a lot of the questions I hope readers have after reading ON THE SCENT are explained in the second book, SOMETHING WICKED, which features Zach’s younger brother as the hero. Zach plays a pivotal role in that story in the last act, so get ready for double hotness. That book released on Halloween. I’m finishing up the third book now, and it should be available sometime in February or March. Fingers crossed.


Is that what are you working on now?

The third book in this series — and I hope readers will enjoy it enough that my publisher allows me to continue. I have ideas for at least two more stories in this series. Can I also mention that I’m donating proceeds from ON THE SCENT to my local animal shelter? So far I’ve been able to save the lives of four animals from the euthanasia list with proceeds from this book. I’d love to save even more.
All the details can be found on my website:!


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