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A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to interview the dynamic duo Christina Lauren when they released their debut novel, Beautiful Bastard. The book was a huge success becoming a best seller on both the NY Times and USA Today lists. If you missed our first interview, you can read it here.

Thankfully for their readers, the authors have written a second book in the series, Beautiful Stranger… and film rights to the entire series have been picked up by Constantin Film. We followed up with the authors to ask about them about their new book, Henry Cavill casting, and what’s ahead in the Beautiful series.




Most women at one time or another have had the 'beautiful stranger' fantasy. Did one of you bring the idea to the table for a Beautiful Stranger or did it gel from one of your adventurous writing meet-ups?

When we signed with Gallery for BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, we signed a two-book deal. Although we had a few ideas for the second book, we weren’t sure exactly which of those ideas would become ‘the one’. The most skeletal idea — let’s say you meet a super hot guy in a bar and he brings out the wild in you — was the one that ended up taking shape. Initially, we thought it might be too cliché (a hook up in a bar to open the book), but the characters took over from there, and it really just turned into one of the most fun writing experiences we’ve ever had.


Henry CavillHenry Cavill looking like Max Stella

This description sounds so familiar... "He was roughly the size of a Redwood... A man with a British accent to boot... He had angled features with a sharp jaw and a carved hollow beneath his cheekbones, eyes that seemed back lit and heavy, dark brows, a deep dimple on his left cheek... This man had to be well over six feet…"  We immediately envision Henry Cavill, but who would your top three choices be to play the role of Max?

When we spoke with our producer (Jeremy Bolt) last, he had finished STRANGER and said that Max “will be a very fun casting opportunity.” Which, of course, is awesome to hear! Henry Cavill would be amazing. He could be a perfect Max. Like Henry, Max has something that is simultaneously rough and sweet. Both mentally and physically Max is solid, but emotionally there is a tenderness there that we just love about him. As far as other actors go, some readers have suggested Bradley James, and we agree 100% that he has the adorable Max smile. Other readers insist Joseph Morgan would be a perfect Max. Honestly, it’s all fun for us to imagine.


Please tell us about your experience in Paris, France. Many of us are living vicariously through your tweets and its sounds like so much fun.

This was a truly unreal trip. The publishing company there, Hugo&Roman, has done a major publicity campaign for BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, which was released there on May 2nd. Everyone who greeted us was wonderful, welcoming, and so much fun. Our husbands came with us, and while we were working, they went on adventures all over the city.

We spent most of our time during the weekdays with our French editor Isabelle, our publicist Marie, and the woman who translated the book into French, Margaux Guyon (a novelist herself!). We ate, did a ton of interviews, and walked endlessly around Paris (it’s such a wonderfully accessible city). And on Monday May 6th, the real publicity started and we were able to see BEAUTIFUL BASTARD posters all over the city, at the Metro stations, on busses and taxis, and – our personal favorite — a short promo video before the Great Gatsby screenings all across France. It was really an amazing trip and we are endlessly grateful to Hugo&Cie for hosting us and making it such a wildly fun time.


We are thrilled to hear that your series has expanded. What's in store next? Will there be additional novels as well as the novellas? Will we see some of these same characters in your upcoming books?

There are three novellas coming out this year as well as one more BEAUTIFUL book. BEAUTIFUL PLAYER is the third (and for now, final) full-length book in the series, and centers on Will, who you met in STRANGER.

The novellas — short novels — all follow the relationship of Chloe & Bennett post-BASTARD. Each subsequent novella begins to incorporate the other characters, too. So, BEAUTIFUL BITCH (July 16th) is mainly Chloe and Bennett, but BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL (September 2nd) has Chloe, Bennett, Max, Sara, and Will from STRANGER. And BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING (November 19th) will have everyone you’ve met in BASTARD, STRANGER, and PLAYER. The novellas are meant to be little bridge stories to carry you through until the next book.

The final book in this deal with Gallery is as-yet unnamed, but we are anticipating it will be the start of something new. We’ll spill all when we can!


Fan Questions

Beautiful Stranger coverBeautiful Stranger cover


@ShikaBrown Being a total sucker for British boys, I crushed majorly on Max Stella (even his name is sexy). I know BB has a movie option in the works. Do you think BS will become a sequel in the theaters as well (if so, Henry Cavill must play Max...yum!)?

Things seem to be zooming along with the BEAUTIFUL BASTARD movie, and whenever we can spill all the updates on that, trust us, we will! We can’t wait. If that film does well in theaters, then we anticipate a BEAUTIFUL STRANGER movie will follow (all film rights to the BEAUTIFUL novels have been optioned by Constantin Films). In any case, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we get to see Max on the big screen!


@OfficeLadyProbz I read that you both still work real jobs, take care of kids, write,and go on book tours. First, are you insane? And second, how do you juggle it all?

Honesty hour: it’s getting hard, and this interview is catching us at a particularly bare moment about it. For so long, writing was just a passionate hobby for us, and something that we dove into whenever we had little slices of free time. That’s still true, but because it’s become such a labor of love, we want to give it more space. And, because the books have done so well (THANK YOU), our writing career needs more time during the day than we technically have for it. So, because we don’t want to take any of the time away from our kids or husbands, we strive for balance in other ways: we don’t sleep as much as we should, and pretty soon we’ll probably have to choose to do this full time or continue the madness of the juggling act. The issue is, we both have careers, and jobs that we love. So, for now, it will just be a very full and often too-packed schedule. But no matter how busy it gets, we chose this, we wanted this, and we are incredibly lucky to be here. We don’t forget that for even one second.


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