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If you follow our author interviews, then you know we are huge fans of author Katy Evans and her stories that are often inspired by Henry Cavill. She recently released Ladies Man — a sexy, friends–to-lovers love story with two of her characters introduced in MANWHORE and was kind enough to chat with us about it. Stay tuned for a giveaway on Facebook and Twitter!


Did you know while writing the first book in this series — MANWHORE, that Tahoe Roth would need his own book or did that come about after your finished Malcolm and Rachel's story?

Oh I absolutely knew, just knew, from the beginning that he had a story to tell. He caught my eye straight away and I especially felt his connection to Gina, Rachel's best friend. The moment I finished MANWHORE I couldn't wait to dive in and find out more about these two really strong, intriguing characters!

Tahoe Roth is certainly a bad boy and a play boy, but there is something so endearing about him. The story had moments where I wanted to kick him and tell him to go after what he really wanted, but Tahoe and Gina ultimately did what they needed to do to realize they may just be great together. Can you tell us about your approach to their love story?

This story is one of my personal favorites. As an author sometimes you get to "choose" for your characters or even mold them to do a certain thing because the plot demands it, but with Tahoe and Gina my approach was to allow them to organically find their way and discover things on their own without me using any plot devices or forcing anything to happen sooner than they were ready for it to happen. Regardless of how frustrating/arousing/exciting the wait was, I held respected Tahoe's need for time and respected his character to allow him to assimilate things in the time frame that he needed. There was just something really alive for me as I wrote. Their interactions, the way they lit up when they were together. From the beginning it was clear to me they were meant for each other, but like in real life, sometimes we're the last to see what's staring us right in the face!

Now the fun question.. tell us a bit about the hot man who inspired your story. Rumour has it, there was some very sexy pics of a certain Super Man hanging around your writing desk. :)

Oh goodness, he was all over! I had a special wall dedicated to Henry Cavill. Him with a beard. Him walking a dog wearing that beard. Him in some images where his hair has some lighter streaks. Him grinning a cocky grin - nobody grins the cocky grin like Henry. He was definitely a muse for Tahoe and I grew so attached to my Henry pics that they haven't come off my wall. I somehow seem to picture him as all my heroes, he's that versatile (and hot!)

Did you know Henry played rugby? Tahoe plays lacrosse, but we could so easily imagine Henry playing either game on the field in the role of Tahoe should this book ever become a movie. What do you think?

Oh can I please, please go to a Henry rugby game if there's one in the future?! In fact I'd like him to throw me his T shirt and I'll frame it, hang it up on my Henry wall, and call it life made. :D

Tell us.. have you seen Man from UNCLE and/ or Batman v Superman? Did you have any favourite scenes? There were a couple in each that gave us visions of romance novels...

First of all, can I just say that every second of Man from UNCLE and Batman v Superman Henry owned the screen for me? He smoldered in every scene, but especially, oh, especially in Batman v Superman, when Superman saves Lois Lane? I almost disintegrated into the cinema chair. And that almost hesitant kiss afterwards? Mega swoon!

What projects are up next for you?

I'm currently working on the last Manwhore story, Callan and Tahoe's sister, Livvy. I'm truly excited to share hopefully later this year. Then I'm diving into a new series. It's still not fully shaped but this is the fun part! It's still in creating mode and that's where I have the most fun, so I hope to be able to share more about that soon.


A huge thank you to Katy for being so wonderful to chat with and for giving us 3 paperback books to give away. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an opportunity to win a signed copy of Ladies Man by Katy Evans!


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