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23 Apr Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren Giveaway

Posted by Discussion:

We have had the pleasure of chatting with the fun and talented authors Christina Lauren when they released Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player. Last week, they released their next book in the series, Beautiful Secret.


Once again, their protagonist is tall, with dark hair and a spectacular build and a lovely British accent and charm.

We hope to chat with the ladies soon about this dashing new character, but they are very busy in England and France doing book signings.

When we catch up with them, we have plenty of questions about Niall Stella and his similarities to the dashing Henry Cavill.


In BEAUTIFUL SECRET, the brother of Max Stella (Beautiful Stranger) comes to New York City on business from England. Niall Stella has a classically stiff upper lip, a mind for engineering, and no clue when it comes to women. Too bad for him he’s about to get obliterated by one... and he’ll never see it coming.


Available now:

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