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If you follow our author interviews, then you know we are huge fans of author Katy Evans and her stories that are often inspired by Henry Cavill. She recently released Ladies Man — a sexy, friends–to-lovers love story with two of her characters introduced in MANWHORE and was kind enough to chat with us about it. Stay tuned for a giveaway on Facebook and Twitter!
A few months ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing the very funny and always delightful, Helena Hunting about her releases Pucked and Pucked Up. When reading both books, Alex Walters immediately reminded us of Henry Cavill. Her latest release is Pucked Over and she kindly got in touch with the book’s protagonist Randy Ballistic so we could ask him a few questions about his character, his favourites and who he’s chosen in the #WhoWillWin battle between Batman V Superman.
Helena Hunting is a gifted writer who has the amazing talent of being able to write the tender, emotional Clipped Wings series as well as this new funny, romantic Pucked series. As much as we absolutely loved the Clipped Wings series, it's Alex Walters in Pucked that caused us to draw the book boyfriend connection with Henry Cavill. Helena kindly chatted with us about her books, her characters and Henry Cavill.
We have had such fun interviewing Alice Clayton before and absolutely love her tales of fun, antics and romance with hunky males thrown in for good measure. Her latest book, NUTS is among our favourites. What’s not to love with a down to earth story of a chef thrown back into her small town to assist her mother by running her diner only to discover the local farmer is a whole lot of handsome along with supplying amazing fresh produce for her creations?
Katy Evans is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of such fabulous books as the Real series and now, the Manwhore series. Don’t be caught off guard by the title, Malcolm Saint may have the reputation of being a ‘manwhore’, but as Rachel Livingston discovers, there’s so much more to him than she could have imagined. Katy talked to us when the first book in the series came out and she’s generously chatted with us again about the final release in the series, Ms Manwhore , the final chapter in the love story between Malcolm and Rachel.
We have had the pleasure of chatting with the fun and talented authors Christina Lauren when they released Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player. Last week, they released their next book in the series, Beautiful Secret.
Katy Evans is well known for her Real book series and best known for her character, Remington ‘Remy’ Tate. In 2013, we chatted with her about her books and inspiration. On Tuesday, March 23rd, Katy released the first book in her new series, MANWHORE. Katy was kind enough to take a moment out of her busy schedule to chat with us about Henry Cavill, her protagonist, Malcolm Saint and what projects she’s working on next.
The last time we chatted with Kristen Ashley was back in the fall of 2013. With the release of her new book Soaring happening this week, we knew we wanted to catch up and chat Henry Cavill and her latest release. Kristen was kind enough to humor us with a jaunt down the ‘Henry Cavill is an awesome book boyfriend lane’ as well as chat with us about her newest release and even told us what she thought of the sexy, fun Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer released last month.
Author Lesley Jones has chatted with us before about her latest releases and her thoughts on Henry Cavill. One of my favorite quotes from her was, “The problem is I picture Henry as every leading man, in every book I read and every book I write.” We sympathize with her as we have that ‘problem’ as well. Lesley recently released Conviction, a second chance love story about rock god, Conner Reed and his lost love, Nina. Conner plays for one of the world’s biggest bands, and is gorgeous, sexy, wild and lost. Conviction is a second chance love story that is a book filled with loss, emotion, and redemption. Lesley took a moment out and answered some questions we had about Conviction, her writing process and Henry Cavill.
Tori Madison wrote a sensitive, emotional book series about a woman battling cancer and the roller coaster her life becomes in, Beneath It All and the follow up book, Beneath, You’re Beautiful. One of the pivotal characters in the books is Dr. Blake Forrester, her plastic surgeon, a handsome man and a very kind doctor. When reading the series, we imagined Henry Cavill as Dr. Forrester in every scene… and some of those scenes were rather steamy. Imagining Henry Cavill as a physician was quite a wonderful image.
Author Sylvain Reynard has been gracious enough to grant us several interviews over the past two years. Recently, he released the first book in his new Florentine Series. The book’s antagonist is a dark and dangerous other worldly character known as the Prince. He hates Gabriel Emerson and his wife, Julia and at times, plots against him. If you’ve followed our interviews, you know we are huge fans of Henry Cavill as the image of Gabriel. We thought it would be fun to talk to Sylvain about this new series and to visit the idea of Armie Hammer as the image of the blond headed, handsome Prince.
Early in January, we were talking about Henry Cavill and The Tudors on Twitter and a tweet from Author S.L. Scott popped up. I’d been following her for ages on Facebook and had always enjoyed her posts, but never had a chance to read any of her books. I found out shortly after, that Henry Cavill was in fact, the inspiration for one of her book characters. I immediately downloaded the first book in her Inside Out series and dove in. I read all four of the series within a week. They were intriguing, sexy, heart breaking and fun to read. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and to share which pictures of Henry inspire her character.
Australian author Lesley Jones, who wrote the international bestseller Carnage, has a new book being released in early March. The new book is titled Conviction and she shared with us that Henry Cavill is the inspiration for the main character Conner's brother, Tyler Reed. We interviewed Lesley last year and she shared with us her adoration of Henry as a book boyfriend. We are very excited to read her next Rock Star romance.
Tori Madison will be releasing the follow up to Beneath It All on February 25th. Tori wrote a touching novel about a woman battling cancer and the roller coaster her life becomes in, Beneath It All. In that book we met Dr. Blake Forrester, her plastic surgeon, a handsome man and very kind doctor. Handsome? Maybe that doesn't do him justice. Breathtakingly gorgeous... Guess who reminds us of Dr Forrester? Yes, you got it right... Henry Cavill. I haven't read any other books where the protagonist resembles Henry and is a physician.. quite an amazing combination. Stay tuned, we will be talking to Tori soon with an interview when her book releases next month!
On Tuesday, January 20th Sylvain Reynard releases, The Prince. He wrote this novella to introduce you to the characters for his next book release, The Raven. We’ve talked with Sylvain Reynard with regards to his Gabriel’s Inferno series. There’s been a long standing group of romance readers who love the image of Henry Cavill as their Gabriel Emerson. Gabriel Emerson will once again appear in both The Prince and The Raven, as a supporting character.
When we interviewed CJ Wells earlier this year, they had released their sexy, intriguing novel, Perfect Plans and were working on their follow up book, Take A Bow. On December 1st, they released Take A Bow and we are thrilled they could take a moment to chat with us.
Did you know Sylvia Day envisions Henry Cavill as the perfect actor to play Gideon Cross when her series comes to television? She mentioned it recently in an interview and mentioned it to us when we interviewed her. When we asked why Henry Cavill would make the perfect Gideon, she told us, "Henry is beautiful. Who doesn’t love looking at him? He also conveys vulnerability and longing very well. In the last season of The Tudors, when Brandon fell in love with Brigitte, Henry was stunning in his display of yearning and hopelessness, lust and love."
There are love stories that are touching, then there are love stories that touch your heart. Debra Anastasia has written just such a story with her Poughkeepsie series. She was one of our first author interviews early in 2013, then she chatted with us again last winter when Return to Poughkeepsie was released. Debra has now released the last book in the series, Saving Poughkeepsie. It features all of her original characters with our favorite, Beckett right in the middle of things. As we've mentioned before, Henry Cavill is our Beckett Taylor and I think if you read the synopsis, you'll see just why.
The talented and fun authors Christina Lauren have a new book coming out today and if you are a Henry Cavill fan, you will love it! Dirty Rowdy Thing is the second book in their, Wild Things Series. If you read their first book in the series, Sweet Filthy Boy, then you may remember the appearance of hunky, controlling Finn and fiercely independent Harlow.
Author Sylvain Reynard is releasing a novella connected to both his Bestselling Gabriel's Trilogy and his new book being released February 3, 2015 titled, The Raven. This novella will include more of Professor Gabriel Emerson who many imagine as Henry Cavill when reading the Gabriel Series. The Prince is available for preorder now and will be released January 20, 2015.
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