14 Jun Who will be the Henry Cavill’s replacement for Superman - Betting Odds

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If you’re a Henry Cavill fan, you would already be aware of the announcement made in September 2018 that he may be done playing the role of Krypton’s last son and might not be able to continue with the project going forward.

There have been scheduling conflicts with the studio’s future plans and Cavill’s upcoming projects. Furthermore, there seems to be no fresh Superman project in the pipeline and it could also be the case that Cavill might be retained as the title character.

Considering the uncertainty regarding Cavill’s involvement in the Superman franchise going forward, a lot of speculation has been happening around who will replace the star. Many reputed online bookmakers released their own odds for the different stars who might be asked to get into Henry Cavill’s shoes. These are some of the top bookies we are talking about who also offer a wide range of sports bets on their portals. Let’s now tell you about the odds of the people who might replace Cavill as Superman.

The next Superman odds

Many betting websites have kind of assumed that Cavill will not be the Superman any more when the next Superman movie is released. Following are the last known odds on the people who could play the next Superman:

Tyler Hoechlin - +125
Idris Elba - +650
Michael B Jordan - +150
Wes Bentley - +650
Garrett Hedlund - +400
Armie Hammer - +300
The Field - +750
Taron Egerton - +800
Oscae Isaac - +750
Mark Wahlberg - +3000
The Rock - +2500
Will Smith - +10,000
Ben Affleck - +5000

Of all the people who are in the contention, Michael B Jordan has gained plenty of attention. He was the primary character in Black Panther and is widely recognised as a big star. Hence, many are thinking that he might make a switch from Marvel and give the world its first black Superman. In the event, that doesn’t happen, Idris Elba also has a fairly good chance and there is no reason to believe why he can’t step into the Superman shoes.



There are some other names like Taron Egerton, The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Oscar Isaac and even Ryan Gosling who have been doing the rounds, but their odds aren’t as good as the others. Henry Cavill was casted perfectly when he signed up for Man of Steel. That movie was both dark and realistic and never deviated from the original story. However, when things moved onto Superman vs Batman and then the Justice League, many felt that Cavill’s hold on the character went somewhat missing.

Whatever might happen, the person who replaces Henry Cavill will need to be of a similar demeanour, and should be able to offer more. Again, nothing taking away from the fact that Henry Cavill has been an excellent Superman all along, and there is every possibility that he could go on and play that role even better.

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