30 Sep Men's Fitness' Photographer Talks Working with Henry Cavill and Henry's Dog

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Last week, Instagram excitement exploded for Henry Cavill fans. The talented artist, Felix, shared a few of his images taken while Henry Cavill was doing the photoshoot for Men’s Fitness. They were candid and truly beautiful. As we looked through his many stunning images on his Instagram page, we thought it might be fun to talk to him more about his craft and his time spent photographing Henry. We are so thankful he agreed to do the interview with us.

Your Instagram is filled with beautiful candid photos of artists and people around the world. Can you tell us about what you do?

Thank you. I am a reportage photographer that also focuses heavily on capturing a more voyeuristic, intimate perspective of the lives we might otherwise only ever see as a finished product.


What inspires you to capture those candid moments we see on your Instagram of Henry, musicians and even children from around the world?

Ever since I can remember I was around cameras. My Father’s first job when he moved to London was as a photographic assistant in SoHo, so the house was always filled with both imagery and accessories. The 90s was a great time to grow up as we were at the dawn of tech, so cameras moved from strength to strength so quickly which also gave them huge accessibility to all and any. With this, I tended to always carry one with me in an attempt to try and define what it was that I was seeing that I had a difficult time vocalizing. I think the progression to where I am now being a particularly organic one when I stop to look at it. There is less an inspiration and more a legitimate desire to place a window between the world and the proverbial closed door.


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill photographed behind-the-scenes for  Men's Fitness magazine

What was your role on the photoshoots for the two issues of Men’s Fitness that Henry was featured in for 2015 and 2016?

I was asked by Men’s Fitness to come in and shoot their B Roll, in the form of moving image. This is a format that I don’t much enjoy working with, so have always shot stills alongside it, resulting in some beautifully natural photos. When the subject has settled into understanding that there is a constantly rolling camera, you will tend to find they won’t then pay attention to any stills being taken, which eradicates any issue of dishonesty in the image.


Can you tell us what it was like working with Henry compared to some of the other people you’ve photographed?

Henry has always been a pleasure to work with. Extremely polite, well-mannered and genuine. He works with utmost profession on set and has always made an effort to make sure everyone feels a sense of inclusion, which can really become the difference between an awful day and a celebratory one.


Henry’s done a lot of photoshoots over the years. How much direction do you have to give him or does he have his own rhythm that he gets into on set?

He definitely has a firm idea of what he won’t do, I can assure you of that. There have been some moments on set where ideas have been thrown towards him and he’s dismissed them with total sincerity. This has always been something I’ve admired in someone that isn’t, by profession, a model. It is important to have an awareness of yourself when it comes to aesthetics and personal comfort. Nothing makes an image more terrible than being able to see the loathing burning deep in someone’s eyes, attempted to hide itself behind a forced smile. So calling this before it happens means that the shoot will always result in a solid outcome.


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill photographed for Men's Fitness magazine

Did you have any interactions with Henry on the set? We hear he has quite the sense of humour, were there any funny moments you could share with us?

Absolutely. He always goes out of his way to make sure there's ease and comfort on set. He also knows how to make fun of himself regarding anything he feels is on the side of ridiculous. This plays a huge part in making the day an enjoyable one for all.


In one of the photos from this year’s photoshoot for Men’s Fitness, Henry had his dog, Kal, with him. The saying goes that dogs and kids are the hardest to work with. How was it having a dog on the shoot?

He did indeed. It was for the Men's Fitness shoot we did at Four Seasons in Hampshire. Kal was in his element with so much space to move around in. Henry has trained him very well, although all dogs, regardless of how obedient, have their moments of total disregard. The difference with Kal is that he is gargantuan, so his presence truly doesn't go unnoticed.


Can you share with us your favorite image of Henry that you’ve taken over the several times you’ve seen him?

Certainly, I think it might be this one.

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill photographed for September 2016 issue of Men's Fitness magazine


We enjoy all the photos on your Instagram page and on your website. What projects do you have coming up that we can keep an eye out for?

There are a few ongoing projects in the works currently, sadly none of which I can currently touch on, though I will be starting working on my third book in the near future as well as a couple of other, non- photo books, too. There are always last minute jobs, too, which result in me being thrown into a deep end somewhere around the world, so that will always be as much a surprise for me as it is anyone who follows my work.

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill photographed behind-the-scenes Men's Fitness magazine


A huge thank you to Felix for so generously sharing with us how he works as an artist and his experiences with Henry. If you would like to follow his ongoing work, check out his Instagram and his website. And if you are interested in purchasing one of his photobooks, follow this link.


You can read our interview in Spanish on Henry Cavill Puerto Rico website, who has translated it. Thanks!

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