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Last summer, we admired the drawing of Tatjana @creafea on Twitter. She did a beautiful illustration of Henry Cavill from one of the Man of Steel premieres and shared the You Tube video created to illustrate her process. We soon discovered her talent on Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art. One of her drawings that she shared on Facebook was of her boyfriend in a Super suit. After tweeting and talking with her, we decided it would be fun to do a giveaway of one of her pieces. She graciously offered to draw several portraits of Henry Cavill to let the fans vote on which they liked the best. The winner of the giveaway will win the illustration with the most votes. Here Tatjana shares with us about her background, her ambitions and why Henry Cavill makes such a great subject for her drawings.

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Olivia Caine, Dowager Duchess Helford, could not be happier to be a widow. Although her cruel husband deserved his mysterious death, Olivia had no intentions of marrying again — that is until she meets the handsome innkeeper, Edward Deckhart. But he has a dark past that places him right in the middle of the duke's murder. Olivia can't shake the feeling that he is lying by omission. Such is the plot of Nicole Castro’s “The Duchess' Ring”.


I absolutely loved it. I bought it thinking it sounded like an awesome story and soon learned that her inspiration for the main character, Edward Deckhart, was the dashing Henry Cavill. After discovering this, I was more than eager to read the book. Nicole was gracious enough to do an interview with us to talk about her book and Henry Cavill as Book Boyfriend.

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Batman vs. Superman isn’t hitting the theaters until July 17, 2015, but filming is starting next month – February 2014. The orange tape is linked, security is in place and the house the Kryptonians destroyed has been built again. And thanks to some Super Sleuthing, we can even see the outline of furniture through the windows. It looks like the Kents are ready to move back into Yorkville & Plano, Illinois… err Smallville, Kansas.

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Sometimes in our day to day tweeting, we find someone who not only loves Henry Cavill, but has a wonderful talent as well. This was the case with Angela Campbell. We knew from our tweet exchange that she loved Henry, but we had no idea she had written a contemporary romance with Henry as the inspiration for Zach, the protagonist. As soon as I read the opening description of Zach as tall, square jaw, thick dark hair and cobalt blue eyes, I had a distinct image in mind. Angela was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her writing, her inspiration and Henry Cavill.

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Last winter when we first started doing author interviews, Debra Anastasia graciously did one with us. She discussed her two book series Poughkeepsie and Seraphim. She also gave us a hint about her book, Return to Poughkeepsie slated to come out late 2013. She told us about the main character, Beckett “(he) is filthy and this is his story. He has a lot of demons to face. It’s shaping up to be very sexual and violent and (I hope) touching.”

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Over the past six months as we have shared our interviews with romantic authors and authors inspired by Henry Cavill, we have had the good fortune to have authors reach out to us. One of those lovely authors is Eryn LaPlant. She clearly adores Henry and her historical novels sounded interesting, exciting and very romantic. We had the good fortune to catch up with Eryn and chat about her love for history, writing and of course, Henry Cavill.

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Since we started sharing the idea of Book Boyfriends with readers, Sylvain Reynard’s character Gabriel Emerson has been a fan favorite. For many readers, Henry Cavill’s appearance, class and sophistication embody the character. Mr. Reynard’s books Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture have been seen on the NY Times, Amazon and iBooks best sellers lists.

We first interviewed Sylvain Reynard last winter. Since that time Henry Cavill has only grown in popularity as Book Boyfriend, Professor Emerson. Last week, Gabriel’s Redemption was released and it immediately soared up the iBook charts. We couldn’t let this exciting opportunity to chat with Mr. Reynard slip by without a few questions about his series, the character of Professor Gabriel Emerson and of course, Henry Cavill.

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Heather is a member of the California Air National Guard and had the fantastic experience of being an extra in the movie and also had her photo taken with Henry Cavill. What follows is Heather’s account of working on the Man of Steel and finally getting a photo taken with Henry!

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Last winter, when we were just beginning to grow the social media for this website, we frequently came across a fun and dynamic author who told us of her soon to be released novel. The exciting thing about her story was that the main character of Ayden Stone was the spitting image of Henry Cavill. Since our initial introduction, Sydney has released the first two books in her trilogy, TouchStone for play and TouchStone for giving. With her enthusiasm and infectious energy, we were excited to interview Sydney Jamesson to hear more about her TouchStone stories and their handsome protagonist, Ayden Stone.

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If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook or read our website regularly, you know we are big fans of the authors Christina Lauren. Their Beautiful Bastard series has caught the attention of readers worldwide and is even being made into a movie. The latest book in the series is Beautiful Player. Will has a history of being a womanizer with his ladies scheduled for rendezvous throughout the week. That is until Hanna comes back into his world. If you’ve enjoyed the series, then this is a must read. If you haven’t read any of their books yet, then dive in with Beautiful Player.