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On a recent trip back to the UK, Henry Cavill spent a day at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and announced his support of the organization as an ambassador. He also launched the www.cavillconservation.com website with special incentives to adopt animals and donate. He spent time with Lee Durrell, the wife of the late Gerald Durrell, founder of the trust and filmed a short video. We chatted with Rick Jones, Communications Officer for the Trust and Lee Durrell about Henry Cavill’s involvement with them, their important work, and of course, what role Lee could see Henry playing if one of Gerald’s many books were made into a movie.

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Author Lesley Jones chatted with us about her book Saviour and Carnage series as well as her adoration for Henry Cavill a couple of months ago. She recently released Carnage #2: The story of me on August 1st. This is the much anticipated follow up to her book Carnage #1: The story of us. We caught up with Lesley and asked her about the response to her new book and just where Henry Cavill fits in as the perfect book boyfriend in her series.

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Since the last time we chatted, Jason Luke has been busy with writing the follow up to Interview with a Master, In Love with a Master and in just a few days, he will release his next book. He also tells us what he thinks of Henry Cavill as Jonah Noble.

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Logan Patricks released his second book in the Midnight Society series, Penumbra last week. Much like his first release Semblance, this book is full of intrigue, sex and jaw dropping moments. He generously chatted with us first about Semblance and now, we were lucky enough to discuss his new release, Penumbra and his inspiration for Shadow Tremaine, Henry Cavill.

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Author Eryn LaPlant wrote this wonderfully inspired book, Falling for Shock after seeing Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel. Her character, Oliver has his own fascinating story to tell, but you will see the similarities are striking. Eryn was kind enough to tell us more about the inspiration for her book and how many of the Superman actors make an ‘appearance’ in the story. 

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Henry Cavill Org is happy to welcome Sydney Jamesson and the conclusion to her TouchStone: The Story of Us series which includes TouchStone for play, TouchStone for giving, and TouchStone for ever. The series involves a mystery, obsession, and a whirlwind romance between two main characters Elizabeth Parker and Ayden Stone. And what a vivacious love story it is! The flurry these two have created over the course of the trilogy has been anything but boring. Ayden Stone, of course, is based on the exquisite Henry Cavill and boy does he fit the role from the very first page to the last one in this final book. I have waited a good while for this third one and I can honestly tell you that it is unlike anything we’ve read before from Sydney. There are twists and turns around every corner and enduring love on every page. So without further ado, let’s start back at the beginning.

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Here at Henry Cavill Org we meet the most awesome people and have opened up our website to the fabulous authors who have either chosen Mr. Cavill as their leading man in their books or have had readers who have put him in the role of their characters all by themselves.

In the case of Chris Kuhn, it is the latter. Her character Oliver in The Muse Unlocked was never thought of as Henry Cavill, but once you open the pages of the story, like me, you might be able to see Henry as the handsome young actor falling for the strong and beautiful Cate, a screenwriter stuck in a loveless marriage.


Please welcome author Chris Kuhn to our website!

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Our admin, Eryn LaPlant debuts her novel, Falling for Shock today and we couldn't be more excited. Eryn was inspired to write this book after watching Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. We are thrilled for her and send our congratulations! It's already getting 5 star reviews. Check it out!

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About six months ago, we were approached on Twitter, by the lovely @CJ_Wells_Author. We were discussing Henry Cavill as a book boyfriend and they jumped in and told us they were writing a book and Henry was their inspiration.

The fun thing about their book is its premise. Perfect Plans tells the story of Aby, a woman who’s come to a place in her life where she realises she needs to make changes if she’s going to live her best life. She ‘lands’ on one, Alexander Tate — gorgeous, talented actor — and the fun begins!

Now, many months later, they are chatting with us about their book, its inspiration and the fun of enjoying Henry Cavill as their ideal book boyfriend.

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So many of the books I read are due to recommendations from a ‘book friend’. I have an amazing group of social media friends who know what I love to read and recommend wonderful books to me. One day, a friend said, ‘You have to read Lesley Jones book, Saviour. It’s about a woman who’s a bit older and how she meets a younger very hot guy and what happens with them. Oh AND, the hot guy is SO Henry Cavill in my head.’ That was pretty much all it took for me to immediately upload it to my Kindle and dive in. I am so glad I did. Lesley Jones is an amazing writer who creates imagery in your head that will stay with you for a long time. She tells brutally honest, but tender love stories. Her three books, Saviour, Resolution and Carnage are among some of my most favourites. Recently, we caught up with Lesley, who’s now very busy writing the follow up book to her most recent release, Carnage.