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Last year, Henry Cavill took part in some of the events in support of the Royal Marines and became an ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF).

Many of fans noted, Henry often features different Royal Marines related things, and particularly, you may have paid your attention on the dark green Royal Marines 1664 Commando hoodie Henry was wearing first at LAX and then as he arrived at Heathrow. Someone asked how can one get such hoodie for themselves? We will tell you.

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A week has passed since the release of the first trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. That time was enough for our emotions to subside, and our thoughts finally took shape in words. We have tried to describe what we have seen from different angles in such a short video.

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A young and upcoming stunt actor named Alain Moussi caught his first break doubling for Henry Cavill in Tarsem Singh’s 2011 epic battle flick Immortals. He’s since done stunt work in everything from Pacific Rim to White House Down and is now playing the lead in the remake of the classic Jean Claude Van Damme movie, Kickboxer.

We caught up with Alain during a break in filming to talk about working with Henry on Immortals and what it’s been like to make a movie with the likes of JCVD, Georges St-Pierre and Dave Bautista. 

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Early in January, we were talking about Henry Cavill and The Tudors on Twitter and a tweet from Author S.L. Scott popped up. I’d been following her for ages on Facebook and had always enjoyed her posts, but never had a chance to read any of her books. I found out shortly after, that Henry Cavill was in fact, the inspiration for one of her book characters. I immediately downloaded the first book in her Inside Out series and dove in. I read all four of the series within a week. They were intriguing, sexy, heart breaking and fun to read. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and to share which pictures of Henry inspire her character.

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On Tuesday, January 20th Sylvain Reynard releases, The Prince. He wrote this novella to introduce you to the characters for his next book release, The Raven. We’ve talked with Sylvain Reynard with regards to his Gabriel’s Inferno series. There’s been a long standing group of romance readers who love the image of Henry Cavill as their Gabriel Emerson. Gabriel Emerson will once again appear in both The Prince and The Raven, as a supporting character.

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Each year we celebrate the career of Henry Cavill with our own special holiday, Cavillmas. We give away prize packs relating to Henry's movies, special projects and charitable pursuits. This year is no different.

Christmas is the time when you prepare gifts for your friends, and here at HenryCavill.org our friends have a few gifts for us, which we will be giving away in our Cavillmas Giveaways this year. Thanks to them, we have some wonderful prizes, from a special edition of Man of Steel and First Day Covers stamps from Jersey Post to magazines, polos, e-books and graphic novels. Read the details below for individual prize packs and enter now for the any or all of the prize packs that you are most interested in.

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When we interviewed CJ Wells earlier this year, they had released their sexy, intriguing novel, Perfect Plans and were working on their follow up book, Take A Bow. On December 1st, they released Take A Bow and we are thrilled they could take a moment to chat with us.

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Did you know Sylvia Day envisions Henry Cavill as the perfect actor to play Gideon Cross when her series comes to television? She mentioned it recently in an interview and mentioned it to us when we interviewed her. When we asked why Henry Cavill would make the perfect Gideon, she told us, "Henry is beautiful. Who doesn’t love looking at him? He also conveys vulnerability and longing very well. In the last season of The Tudors, when Brandon fell in love with Brigitte, Henry was stunning in his display of yearning and hopelessness, lust and love."

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Henry Cavill is known not just as Superman, but also as one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood. Year after year, his charm and handsomeness help him to make the lists of the sexiest men alive.

Have you ever wondered what makes him so attractive?

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There are love stories that are touching, then there are love stories that touch your heart. Debra Anastasia has written just such a story with her Poughkeepsie series. She was one of our first author interviews early in 2013, then she chatted with us again last winter when Return to Poughkeepsie was released. Debra has now released the last book in the series, Saving Poughkeepsie. It features all of her original characters with our favorite, Beckett right in the middle of things. As we've mentioned before, Henry Cavill is our Beckett Taylor and I think if you read the synopsis, you'll see just why.