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We are excited to be attending San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to bring you coverage of Henry Cavill, Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Batman V Superman. We'll be adding photos as we get them to the gallery below.

UPD July 11: Henry Cavill and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. cast have arrived! (video)

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Dear friends,

This is a special post, and it's dedicated to you!

We've just reached an unprecedented milestone of fan support and love for Henry Cavill with half a million fans of our Facebook page.

We thank each of you for supporting Henry with us! Together with you, we celebrate Henry with gratitude and admiration for his talent.

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During the Ipes Siam Cup, held on May 2 in Jersey, we had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Henry Cavill. Henry attended the rugby match to spearhead Ipes Siam Cup rugby fundraiser for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. During out interview, we chatted about his Durrell Wildlife Conservation, rugby and his potential future charitable projects.

You can read and listen to what Henry shared with us during our conversation.

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We have had the pleasure of chatting with the fun and talented authors Christina Lauren when they released Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player. Last week, they released their next book in the series, Beautiful Secret.

Write on Thursday, 26 March 2015 Category: Interviews with Authors

Katy Evans is well known for her Real book series and best known for her character, Remington ‘Remy’ Tate. In 2013, we chatted with her about her books and inspiration.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, Katy released the first book in her new series, MANWHORE. Katy was kind enough to take a moment out of her busy schedule to chat with us about Henry Cavill, her protagonist, Malcolm Saint and what projects she’s working on next.

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After recent photos, which Henry Cavill took with fans at The Botanist, one of the pubs of London, many of you have wondered what has happened to Henry's right eye? Indeed, if you look closely, you can see he's got quite a shiner.

Now we can put the light on the story behind Henry's black eye.

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The last time we chatted with Kristen Ashley was back in the fall of 2013. With the release of her new book Soaring happening this week, we knew we wanted to catch up and chat Henry Cavill and her latest release. Kristen was kind enough to humor us with a jaunt down the ‘Henry Cavill is an awesome book boyfriend lane’ as well as chat with us about her newest release and even told us what she thought of the sexy, fun Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer released last month.

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Author Lesley Jones has chatted with us before about her latest releases and her thoughts on Henry Cavill. One of my favorite quotes from her was, “The problem is I picture Henry as every leading man, in every book I read and every book I write.” We sympathize with her as we have that ‘problem’ as well. Lesley recently released Conviction, a second chance love story about rock god, Conner Reed and his lost love, Nina. Conner plays for one of the world’s biggest bands, and is gorgeous, sexy, wild and lost. Conviction is a second chance love story that is a book filled with loss, emotion, and redemption. Lesley took a moment out and answered some questions we had about Conviction, her writing process and Henry Cavill.

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Tori Madison wrote a sensitive, emotional book series about a woman battling cancer and the roller coaster her life becomes in, Beneath It All and the follow up book, Beneath, You’re Beautiful. One of the pivotal characters in the books is Dr. Blake Forrester, her plastic surgeon, a handsome man and a very kind doctor. When reading the series, we imagined Henry Cavill as Dr. Forrester in every scene… and some of those scenes were rather steamy. Imagining Henry Cavill as a physician was quite a wonderful image.

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Author Sylvain Reynard has been gracious enough to grant us several interviews over the past two years. Recently, he released the first book in his new Florentine Series. The book’s antagonist is a dark and dangerous other worldly character known as the Prince. He hates Gabriel Emerson and his wife, Julia and at times, plots against him. If you’ve followed our interviews, you know we are huge fans of Henry Cavill as the image of Gabriel. We thought it would be fun to talk to Sylvain about this new series and to visit the idea of Armie Hammer as the image of the blond headed, handsome Prince.