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In this interview for Solo En Cines TV show, On the Road, Henry Cavill goes into detail about his favorite Superman reference material, the struggle his character goes through as he discovers who he is and the pleasure of working with Zach Snyder. Henry also discusses the challenges he faced to stay in Superman shape while working fourteen hour days on set. He says creating a movie with such great acting talent, made him feel “like a kid running around in the garden” using his imagination. Finally, Henry discusses whether or not he will be Superman if a Justice League movie is made.

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Henry Cavill on working with 'lovely' Russell Crowe


Henry Cavill on his little nephew: "My uncle is Superman!"

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Dan & Maz from Australian Today Network spoke with the Man Of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, and things got awkward when Dan pointed out his fails.

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Listen a brief interview with Henry at the Australian radio station NovaFM (+3 videos).


How do get ripped like Superman

Being a superhero is tough business. Man of Steel's Henry Cavill reveals his strict and strenuous training regime to get in top shape to play Superman.


Henry Cavill reveals what it's like working with Russell Crowe

Henry Cavill reveal all about working with the Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe.


Was Henry Cavill supposed to play Edward Cullen?

Henry Cavill sets the record straight about rumours that he was in line to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

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Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe in Sicily (Italy) at the Taormina Film Festival 2013.