'Man of Steel' Screencaps

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"Man of Steel" backstage: screencaptures from Blu-ray extra features.

The following is a list of worldwide release dates:
October 21: Namibia and South Africa
October 23: France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Singapore
October 24: Russia, Hungary
October 25: Mexico, Germany, Poland
October 26: Phillipines
November 9: Australia
November 12: Canada, USA
December 2: United Kingdom

With the release of Man of Steel DVD/Blu-Ray internationally on October 21st, the world gets to view amazing Extra Feature scenes showing how Henry Cavill got his body into Superman shape and how they filmed the incredible scenes from the movie. To celebrate this we have screencapped many of those images. To appreciate the enormity of the transformation of Henry Cavill and the intricacies of filming the many special effects, you should get your copy of the Man of Steel DVD/Blu-Ray and view all of the extra features.

The Man of Steel DVD/Blu-Ray is available in the US on November 12th. Go here for all the options for preordering (via the Man of Steel Facebook page).



Next week on October 28th, we will be posting our Man of Steel DVD/Blu-Ray contest. Watch Facebook.com/HenryCavillOrg and Twitter.com/HenryCavillOrg for details.


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