19 Apr Henry Cavill and Charlie Cavill out and about in Los Angeles


Henry Cavill and his brother, Charlie Cavill were spotted the local bars in Los Angeles last weekend, on April 18—20, 2015.

UPD: More photos!

Pictures by @Nicolebamber, who met Henry on April 18 at Pearl's Liquor Bar; @RandyMadden and @_breadnbuttr, who met Henry on April 19 at Skybar at Mondrian, and @indianajon_ from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"Me and the Man of Steel Superman (2013) Henry Cavill hanging at the pool today," Randy said.

UPD: A few more photos of Henry with his brother and friends in Los Angeles (via @HenryCavillJsy and @HenryCavillToon):

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