19 Nov Henry Cavill at the gym in El Paso, Texas


New fan picture of Henry Cavill has come from Texas today, on November 19, 2014.

Johnny Escalante posted on Instagram his photo with Henry and wrote: "Looks like Superman (Henry Cavill) took a little break from acting to get a workout in at [Black Flag Strength & Conditioning, El Paso, Texas]".

One more photo with Henry was posted by Instagram user @mteran_.


Henry's trainer, Michael Blevins tweeted thanking the Black Flag gym:

Early today, Michael tweeted a picture of Juarez, Mexico.


Two days ago, the Batman V Superman cast and crew have moved from Chicago to a new filming location in New Mexico. Judging by the fact that Henry came to a local gym in El Paso to work out, it is clear he will stay at the area for a few days at least.

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