17 Nov The last photos of Henry Cavill from Chicago


The Batman V Superman cast and crew have moved to a new location in New Mexico, and we collected here the last photos of Henry Cavill taken in Chicago on November 12-13, 2014.


On November 13, the BAM Studios, a Chicago audio post-production facility offering a full range of services (including ADR and voice recording), tweeted: "We're excited that Henry Cavill has just stepped into the booth here at BAM! Thanks for recording with us!"

A few days later, they published on their Facebook page this photo of Henry Cavill and Dave Leffel:

Henry Cavill and Dave Leffel at the BAM studios Henry Cavill and Dave Leffel at the BAM studios in Chicago, Illinois

As we remember, Henry already worked at a sound studio early this year, on 24th April in Detroit. That time he did some ADR work for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. at the Ozone Music and Sound, a creative audio boutique in Royal Oak, Michigan.


Later on November 13, the forum user gqxsensazn posted on Superherohype.com his photo and story:

This was taken at my CrossFit gym today! I just finished my workout when my coach said Superman was in the building. I asked who he was talking about and he said Henry Cavill. It didn't hit me until 2 minutes later that he was actually serious. I ran into the locker room to get my phone and he was there getting dressed. I introduced myself (shaking of course) and asked how he was. I went back to the CrossFit side and waited for him to come. Then my coach, another member, and I were talking to Henry and his coach for a few minutes. I asked if I could take a picture and he was very polite. I only took one because I didn't want to intrude but I did watch him work out. He worked on snatches and overhead squats. I'm still in shock that after all the times I went to see the filming, I finally met him at my gym!

Henry Cavill at the CrossFit gym Henry Cavill at CrossFit gym in Chicago


There were also a couple of photos of Henry Cavill from Chicago taken by fans on November 12, 2014 (via @callmekimberle, @kalvarija):

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