Henry Cavill has arrived in Gibraltar for the Gibraltar Rock Run

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Henry Cavill has arrived in Gibraltal today at 11:30 AM to Celebrate Royal Marines' 350th Anniversary, and the first photos of him leaving the British Airways plane were published on My Gibraltar Facebook page. As you already know, tomorrow Henry will do the Gibraltar Rock Run to support one of his charity, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF). He'll be running with his brother Nik, a Royal Marine himself.

We are updating this post with news and new pictures, so stay with us for more info!


UPD: A fan pics by @anthonyparody93, who's also doing the Rock Run tomorrow: "OMG this just happened to me! I met the Man of Steel himself!"


A few pictures with Henry were taken by Lydia V. Lord (via HenryCavillOnline.com):


Another picture of Henry in Gibraltar today by @soussix


A few pics by @anthonyong0309, who have commented: "Just had a photo with Henry... And spoke briefly with him... He was very patient as someone tried to take photo for me... Tried my best to smile.. I will remember this! And he said he will read my letter..." (read his story)



One more picture (via @cfpatron): "With Henry Cavill (Superman) at the Khaima"


UPD2: Henry Cavill at Casement Square. Runners are having the 8pm meeting there. Here are the photos with our correspondents:


Of course, Henry took pictures with RMCTF girls!


This fan photo was taken with Alisha Harper and her little daughter: 


More photos! (via @mjmitch93, @sianwoodland84):


And one more fan photo (via @RachelBeesy): 

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