Henry Cavill spends his vacation in Miami

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Henry Cavill was spotted in Miami, Florida, where he has been spending his vacation at the end of the Summer, 2016.

UPD: More HQ photos added!

Henry was photographed shirtless on the beach and then at a hotel on South Beach, hanging with some friends by the pool and doing what appeared to be a shot at the bar. He showed off his muscles of steel as he wore a vest, but hid under a baseball hat and passed largely unrecognized - without even needing glasses to hide his identity. He spent a very low-key week in Miami - and at times, it was more Fortress of Solitude - as he hung out on his own - than party time. 

Early this month, in interview for Men's Fitness magazine, Henry has told about his possible beach photos:

"I stay fit enough to feel comfortable with taking my shirt off at the beach, because someone’s going to take a photo, and then it won’t all of a sudden be, 'Hey look, fat Superman!' in the Daily Mail or something like that. It’ll just be, 'Hey, look, Henry Cavill at the beach,' and I won’t be ashamed to see that photo."