Henry Cavill spotted at The Groove Festival in Bray, Ireland

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Henry Cavill poses for selfies with fans at The Groove Music Festival at Kilruddery House in Bray, Ireland, on July 4, 2015.

UPD: We've added TONS of HQ photos!

Garreth MacNamee (@garmacnamee) shared this photo his mate took today and asked: "Firstly, is this Henry Cavill? And secondly, why is he in Bray?" We think we have the answers. 

Firstly: yes, it is Henry! And secondly: Henry has a lot of friends in Ireland since he filmed three movies there - Tristan&Isolde, Stardust, and TV show The Tudors, and goes to Ireland from time to time.


UPD: It was The Groove music festival in Bray, and many fans had a chance to take a photo with Henry. More pictures by @brian_flynn, @ciaradoyle89, @deanross37, Kathryn Mason, @katzb21, @knockinghats, @lizzykc, @Sabine86, @ShemazingIE and others (nicknames are in the filenames):


UPD2: Irish newspaper GOSS.ie has published a brief article about Henry attending The Groove music festival in Bray. "Actor Henry Cavill was spotted enjoying himself at the annual gig on Saturday," they wrote. "The British hunk looked chilled as he chatted to friends, showing off his Superman muscles in a buttoned down shirt and a casual pair of jeans – pairing the look with brown boots." They also attached a couple of candid photos of Henry in Bray:


UPD3: More MQ and HQ photos taken by paparazzi: