Henry Cavill at the Michigan Barbell Classic

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Henry Cavill was spotted at the another competition at a Crossfit gym and took a lot of pictures with fans on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Henry's trainer, Michael Blevins is competing again, and Henry works as a volunteer.

Fans who were lucky to met Henry there, are more than happy: "So, yeah, Henry Cavill is super sweet and friendly. #superman #henrycavill and he's helping a friend as a spotter at #barbellclassic2," writes @jjaclynaalyse.

Pictures via @mamajo76, @jjaclynaalyse, @geekstarmlo, @georgina_juncaj, @TerryTown2014, Lex Artis Facebook page, and Steve Riparip/Legacy Design Studios.

Henry already attended such competition in February and August 2014.

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