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Synopsis: Sometimes, dreams come true. And, sometimes… They seem too good to be true. So many questions, one affirmation…I am in love with Alexander Tate. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of was standing right in front of me. My ultimate fantasy come true. My more. So, why am I running?
Every once in a while, I read a book and stop and think, ‘oh my goodness, they just described Henry Cavill perfectly.. right down to his outfit!’ That happened when I started reading Tali Alexander’s wonderfully captivating and sexy book, Love in Rewind. Her protagonist Louis was described perfectly as Henry in appearance and carried himself in a way that we have observed Henry do in several different roles. Tali was kind enough to take time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions for us.
Author Tori Madison is releasing her debut novel, Beneath It All today. She will be back next week to chat with us about her experience, her inspiration and her thoughts on Henry Cavill and just which character could be played by him.
We last chatted with Alice Clayton over a year ago after she released the wonderfully funny and sexy, Wallbanger. Since that time, she’s released several bestselling books in her Cocktail Series. She’s also traversed the country with a fun bunch of other romance authors and has been writing up a storm. She graciously chatted with us about all of her books, her adventures and just how Henry Cavill fits into her latest release, Screwdrivered.
Author Eryn LaPlant first chatted with us when we interviewed her about her book, The Blue Lute and her Henry Cavill like protagonist, Brandon, last winter. This week she celebrates the one year anniversary of the book’s release with a gorgeous new book cover and a wonderful alternate/deleted scene. Enjoy the beginning of her alternate/deleted scene here…
Author Lesley Jones chatted with us about her book Saviour and Carnage series as well as her adoration for Henry Cavill a couple of months ago. She recently released Carnage #2: The story of me on August 1st. This is the much anticipated follow up to her book Carnage #1: The story of us. We caught up with Lesley and asked her about the response to her new book and just where Henry Cavill fits in as the perfect book boyfriend in her series.
Beneath It All by Tori Madison Expected Release Date September 24, 2014
To celebrate 30,000 followers on Twitter Author Sylvain Reynard is doing a huge giveaway!
Since the last time we chatted, Jason Luke has been busy with writing the follow up to Interview with a Master, In Love with a Master and in just a few days, he will release his next book. He also tells us what he thinks of Henry Cavill as Jonah Noble.
Logan Patricks released his second book in the Midnight Society series, Penumbra last week. Much like his first release Semblance, this book is full of intrigue, sex and jaw dropping moments. He generously chatted with us first about Semblance and now, we were lucky enough to discuss his new release, Penumbra and his inspiration for Shadow Tremaine, Henry Cavill.
We interviewed Logan Patricks for the release of Semblance his first book in a fantastic mystery, suspense romance series, called The Midnight Society.
We had the pleasure of releasing the news that Jason Luke would be writing a follow up to his International Best Seller, Interview with a Master when we interviewed him last winter. Today is the official release of In Love with a Master. We have read it and think you will be as enthralled with his follow up book as you were with Interview with a Master. Jason Luke has a way of melding words together in such a way that you cannot put his books down. Many readers enjoy Henry Cavill as their book boyfriend for Master Jonah Noble. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Jason on July 2nd!
Author Eryn LaPlant wrote this wonderfully inspired book, Falling for Shock after seeing Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel. Her character, Oliver has his own fascinating story to tell, but you will see the similarities are striking. Eryn was kind enough to tell us more about the inspiration for her book and how many of the Superman actors make an ‘appearance’ in the story. 
Logan Patricks released his bestseller suspense romance, Semblance in December 2013. His story tells the tale of Aria Valencia, a young, broke college student and her chance encounter and journey with the highly secretive and dangerous, Midnight Society and their leader, Shadow Tremaine. Logan reached out to us, because his protagonist Shadow was inspired by Henry Cavill. You can read our interview where Logan discusses his debut novel, Semblance and Henry Cavill as inspiration here.
We are so thrilled to see the gorgeous book cover for NY Times best selling author Sylvain Reynard's upcoming novel, The Raven. Many of our readers enjoyed his bestselling series, Gabriel's Inferno and imagined Henry Cavill as the protagonist Gabriel Emerson. We have been fortunate enough to chat with Mr. Reynard about Gabriel's Inferno and then again when his final book in the series, Gabriel's Redemption was released last December.
Henry Cavill Org is happy to welcome Sydney Jamesson and the conclusion to her TouchStone: The Story of Us series which includes TouchStone for play, TouchStone for giving, and TouchStone for ever. The series involves a mystery, obsession, and a whirlwind romance between two main characters Elizabeth Parker and Ayden Stone. And what a vivacious love story it is! The flurry these two have created over the course of the trilogy has been anything but boring. Ayden Stone, of course, is based on the exquisite Henry Cavill and boy does he fit the role from the very first page to the last one in this final book. I have waited a good while for this third one and I can honestly tell you that it is unlike anything we’ve read before from Sydney. There are twists and turns around every corner and enduring love on every page. So without further…
Jason Luke burst onto the erotica scene with his international bestseller, Interview with a Master. His readers pleaded with him to write a second book and in our interview he exclusively revealed he would write a follow up book.
We’d like to introduce you to Melissa Petreshock and her New Adult Fantasy Romance Fire of Stars and Dragons. Melissa’s story goes beyond the typical boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love and drifts into the unknown with humans, vampires and shape-shifting dragons. Melissa envisioned Henry Cavill as Oliver Pendragon, a pivotal character in her trilogy.
We have made no secret about our absolute adoration of the authors, Christina Lauren. We have interviewed them several times and even interviewed their gorgeous characters from the Beautiful Bastard series, Bennett, Max and Will. When they asked us if we would like to read their latest book, Sweet Filthy Boy and share our thoughts we quickly agreed.
Author Jason Luke is releasing fresh new material today (5/8) with his characters from Interview with a Master entitled Vignettes of a Master. It's a unique book based on material he wrote on his Facebook World Tour. For the first 48 hours, you will also get the first chapter of In Love with a Master as a bonus chapter.
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