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Since the last time we chatted, Jason Luke has been busy with writing the follow up to Interview with a Master, In Love with a Master and in just a few days, he will release his next book. He also tells us what he thinks of Henry Cavill as Jonah Noble.


Last time we caught up with you, you had just decided to write In Love with a Master for your readers? How was that experience compared to writing Interview with a Master?

In Love with a Master was a much harder book to write because I knew from the outset that it was a book I was creating for fans — it wasn't my story. I kept that in mind throughout the writing process, and I tried my best to include all the elements of a story that readers had requested. I had an 'ingredients list' and I worked pretty hard to include the elements readers wanted while I was weaving together the plot and the interactions between characters.


With Interview with a Master, you were dubbed the 'sex whisperer' because of your incredible insights into how to please a woman. With In Love with a Master did Jonah Noble provide a vehicle for more of those insights?

The book certainly contains plenty more of Jonah's insights into sex, women and sensuality. Jonah has pretty clear ideas on what men need to do in the bedroom to heighten the arousal of their lovers, and he details those thoughts in typical Jonah style throughout the new book.


Many of our readers envision Henry Cavill as Jonah Noble due to his strong presence, good looks and quiet powerful demeanor. Do you think Henry makes a good 'book boyfriend' for Jonah Noble?

Henry Cavill would make an ideal Jonah Noble if the book ever made it onto the big screen. I deliberately kept Jonah's physical description vague because I wanted readers to visualise their own man, but I certainly believe Henry Cavill could convey the complexity and intensity of Jonah Noble.


Do you feel the story with Jonah and Leticia will soon be complete?

I intend on adding around 10,000 words to 'In Love' to take the book to a new conclusion. Nothing in the original story will be changed. There will be an additional 'Part 2' that will continue after Leticia's epilogue. I am not adding to the book to create a happy ending — I am adding to the book to diffuse the emphasis readers and reviewers have on the last few pages and the current major plot twist. By adding to the story, I hope to diffuse that twist and diminish everyone's emphasis. The addition of 'Part 2' will see loose ends tied up. By coincidence, the story may end 'happily', but that's just a possible function of my requirement to merge the current conclusion into the further plot developments I am working hard to create.

If the book ends happily, then it's a secondary consideration. The way things are developing in my mind, it's a real possibility.


Interview with a Porn StarInterview with a Porn Star

Your readers are very vocal about wanting more stories from you. With Jonah Noble's story drawing to a close, what's next for you?

I have another erotica book, entitled, Interview with a Porn Star. It's a stand alone story featuring a male porn actor named Rick Cassidy. Neither of the main characters in this new book are dying! I had intended to release Porn Star at the end of July, however given recent developments I have elected to bring the publication date forward to July 5th, and offer the book at just $0.99 cents for the first five days, instead of the regular $3.99. I'm doing this in a gesture of thanks and appreciation to every reader who has supported me since 'Interview with a Master' was first published.

Once Porn Star is released, I intend on doing what I have always said I would do — I'm moving away from erotica and erotic romance novels and I'm going to start writing the zombie books I am committed to and the horror novels I am so desperate to write. Horror is the genre of my choice, and the one I am most keen to write in. That's my long term objective as a writer.


Thank you, Jason for your time and sharing the exciting news of your latest release! Find all of Jason Luke's releases here!


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