21 Jan Author Nicole Castro Talks about The Duchess’ Ring and Henry Cavill as Inspiration

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Olivia Caine, Dowager Duchess Helford, could not be happier to be a widow. Although her cruel husband deserved his mysterious death, Olivia had no intentions of marrying again — that is until she meets the handsome innkeeper, Edward Deckhart. But he has a dark past that places him right in the middle of the duke's murder. Olivia can't shake the feeling that he is lying by omission. Such is the plot of Nicole Castro’s “The Duchess' Ring”.


I absolutely loved it. I bought it thinking it sounded like an awesome story and soon learned that her inspiration for the main character, Edward Deckhart, was the dashing Henry Cavill. After discovering this, I was more than eager to read the book. Nicole was gracious enough to do an interview with us to talk about her book and Henry Cavill as Book Boyfriend.


Please tell our readers how Henry became a part of your Edward Deckhart?

It all had to do with Twilight, actually, if you can believe that! As some of you know, Stephenie Meyer had pictured Henry Cavill to play Edward Cullen. We all hoped and prayed that he would be chosen, but when he wasn't, I decided to make my own Edward in my own genre (historical romance). I was so disappointed that I wouldn't be seeing him as Edward Cullen that I made Edward Deckhart.


What characteristics of Henry’s inspired you for Edward Deckhart?

I have been a Henry fan since around 2002 and have watched him grow into a man. A very, very hot, and humble man. I have seen most of his movies and just love his gentle yet manly aura.


Henry Cavill, the Most Dashing Duke Henry Cavill, the Most Dashing Duke

Personally, I loved the many sides of Edward in your story from the humble inn keeper to the bar fighter. Was there any part of Edward that you loved writing more than the other?

My favorite scene is the flashback between Edward and Reece. Edward was rougher and tougher then and had not changed into the hospitable inn keeper yet. The interaction between them is short, but intense. You shouldn't confront an underground boxing champ when you're drunk — just a suggestion!!


If your book was ever turned into a movie and Henry were to play the part of Edward, what challenges or new acting experience would Henry have to face in playing your character?

I think he could definitely use his experience from playing Charles Brandon in The Tudors and Randy from Whatever Works. Charles is a fierce lover, but can be an absolute ass if he needs to be. Randy was sweet, affectionate and playful. Combine those and you have a good base for Edward Deckhart.


I've noticed from some of the other books you wrote that you have both contemporary novels and historical ones. Do you prefer writing in one genre more than another and why?

The historicals are a lot harder to write and since they are novels (not novellas), three times as long. My first work, Stone and Glass, took me ten years to write! Novellas are easier and I definitely prefer to write in the first person, which I do not do for the historicals.

Contemporary romance novels are now my first love, but of course, I have written a children's story and I even wrote a sequel to the dystopian action movie Equilibrium (Christian Bale, Taye Diggs). I think I can write about anything if I am inspired enough!


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill

Here's something I found interesting while researching your books and their inspirations. The Duchess' Ring was written in 2011 with Henry as your Edward. Then earlier this year you published The Appleton House. Both before The Man From U.N.C.L.E's cast was announced. So please tell us who your inspiration for Ashe was in The Appleton House?

The 6' 5" tall drink of water is played by Armie Hammer. I have to cast my characters or I cannot write about them (QUIRK!!) and usually, I see someone new and think — WOW, they would make a great character. I think I saw an ad for The Lone Ranger and thought — who the heck is Armie Hammer?! And after some good old Google research, I fell in love and just had to write a story using him.


That is so funny! Do you think it will be exciting or strange to see your two alpha males together in The Man from U.N.C.L.E this summer?

I may faint. Or giggle for the entire time. I'm sure I will say, "Oh my gosh, they are so hot!" fifty times. They are both such beautiful, talented men — how can it go wrong? Even if the ratings are terrible, I am still going to see it!!


And finally, tell us a little bit about some of your other works or what you're writing now?

My current kick is to write contemporary romance novellas written from the male perspective. I swear I have a partial boy personality and from the male feedback I have received, I nail their thinking patterns! I don't write fluffy prose. I like to write how/what people *really* think.

Currently, I am writing the second novella in the House series (with The Appleton House being the first). It is called The Disintegrated House and there are two books seeded after this one too. I love to crossover my characters (as seen in Stone and Glass & The Duchess' Ring) so keep an open for Ashe Whitaker!


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