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If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook or read our website regularly, you know we are big fans of the authors Christina Lauren. Their Beautiful Bastard series has caught the attention of readers worldwide and is even being made into a movie. The latest book in the series is Beautiful Player. Will has a history of being a womanizer with his ladies scheduled for rendezvous throughout the week. That is until Hanna comes back into his world. If you’ve enjoyed the series, then this is a must read. If you haven’t read any of their books yet, then dive in with Beautiful Player.


We had a chance to catch up with the authors and their characters recently. We think you will enjoy our discussion.


When you started writing this series, did you have all the characters mapped out or did they come to you both as you wrote it? The unique characters and histories of each character fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

That’s so good to hear! When we first reworked BEAUTIFUL BASTARD from the original story, we didn’t yet know that we would have another book, let alone ever publish that one! So, when it sold so fast in a two-book deal to Gallery, including BEAUTIFUL STRANGER, we had to decide which character to feature in the second book, because at the time we didn’t have plans to extend Chloe & Bennett’s story any further. We thought Sara would be a fun character, because she’s different than Chloe, and we could easily change all of their circumstances (i.e. move them to New York) in order to bring in some fun, new characters.

Of course Chloe and Bennett’s story was continued, in the novellas, but at the time we didn’t really know if we would do that, and so we wanted to make sure our follow-on books had fun, relatable characters that were distinct from those in BASTARD.


Is there a part of either of you in any of the women—Chloe, Sarah or Hanna? The scientist Hanna made me think of Lola and I couldn't help but wonder if some of her nerdy girl struggles were something you went through.

For sure there are pieces of each of us in all of our characters, and not only in the women. The scientist aspect to Will & Hanna’s characters was modeled after Lo’s experience in grad school. But Hanna’s easy-going, wide-open nature really is a mix of both of us: Christina has a lot of the sunny side of Hanna, and Lo definitely has a lot of her adventurous and inquisitive spirit. Christina is patient and gentle like Sara and Max. Lo is ambitious and organized like Chloe and Bennett.


Does one of you write the male voice and one the female voice or do you both contribute? It's done so well from each perspective that you feel like a guy must have written the male POV.

We both write all POVs, actually. Sometimes one of us writes more of one character than the other, but in the end we both contribute equally to each character in the book.


There's a delightful surprise near the end of BEAUTIFUL PLAYER that completely caught me off guard. Will we hear more about this in future books or novellas?

Nearly everyone who has read this book—and even if they haven’t—ask whether we have plans for more BEAUTIFULs. For sure, with respect to what you’re talking about, never say never. 


In the previous books, Will comes off so shallow that I really didn't like him and didn't know if I'd enjoy this book. But, within the first chapter, I felt my feelings shift and by the end, he may be my favorite of the boys. Were our previous introductions to Will meant for us to feel he was a shallow guy who didn't even deserve a wonderful girl?

We certainly didn’t want everyone in the books to be perfect, but it does surprise us how strongly everyone reacted to Will in STRANGER. Hopefully we’ve created characters that have some flaws, but readers love their good qualities enough to overlook them. But, really, we’re all flawed. How fun is it to read about perfect characters behaving perfectly? Bennett is a bastard. Chloe is a bitch. Sara can be a little passive and/or indecisive, and Max maybe trots headlong into things too readily. Hanna for sure is naïve and inexperienced and yes, Will has a past where he’s been a jackass on occasion. It’s awesome to hear that people have been reluctant to love Will and then realize he might be their favorite. Nothing makes us happier than that, because we absolutely fell in love with him, too.


Tell us what you can about your upcoming Beautiful Bastard movie!

The process is moving perfectly right now! We can’t wait to share all of the news with you guys!


So many of our followers see Henry Cavill as Bennett or Max, and I know I could certainly see a lean Immortals built Henry as Will. What do you think of Henry Cavill playing one of these characters?

We think he should play all three of them! Haha, but seriously, let’s ask the guys themselves, shall we?


Lo and Christina look up as Bennett and Will walk into the green room. “Hey, guys,” Lo says. “Good timing. The Henry Cavill fan site had some questions for you. Where is Max?”
Rolling his eyes, Will turns around and bangs on the bathroom door in the hallway. “Max! They’re waiting for us.”
“Oh, no no no,” Christina says, holding up her hands. “You don’t need to pull him out of the bathroom if he—”
Will gives her a knowing look and then turns the knob, pushing the door open to reveal Max and Sara in a very . . . compromising position. “Let’s go kids,” Will says, turning back to the interview room as Sara hops down from the counter. “Time to chat.”
Max stuffs himself back in his pants while Lo and Christina try to look anywhere but at the business end of the Brit. With a small kiss to Sara’s cheek, Max says goodbye and watches her walk back down the hall to meet Chloe and Hanna.
“You’re pathetic,” Bennett growls. “Really, Max? The Henry Cavill fansite headquarters?”
“Too right,” Max agrees, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and wiping some lipstick from his neck.
“We should have written you to be slightly less insatiable,” Lo mumbles. “Dear god this is awkward.”
Everyone files into the green room and sits down on plush couches before falling into a loaded silence.
Will leans forward to catch Max’s eye and asks, “Do you ever walk into a building and think, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have sex here?’”
“Not really.”
“So,” Christina interrupts brightly, clapping her hands. “We were just giving the website the extremely vague studio-approved update on the movie, and thought we’d get your opinions on which of you should be played by Henry Cavill in the adaptation of your books!”
All three men say “me” simultaneously.
Lo laughs. “Who is surprised?”
Leaning forward and wearing a winning smile, Bennett says, “Folks? Look at me. Look at Henry.” He points to a framed photograph of Cavill on the wall. “Do we really need to have this conversation? First, Player Will has ink all over his arms—”
“They can draw those on the actors in moving pictures nowadays, grandpa,” Will cuts in.
Ignoring him, Bennett continues, “And Max . . . well look at that face.” Everyone turns to look at Max, who still has a stupid grin on his face and a dazed look in his eyes. “I’d feel bad for making such a poised actor play that dopey lovesick Brit.”
“Ah, but Henry is a Brit,” Max reminds everyone. “The accent would be spot on. And he’s tall, and built just like me right now. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to see Henry Cavill having sex on the roof beneath a fireworks show? Or in a warehouse full of mirrors? Or in Johnny’s—”
“We get your point,” Bennett says, laughing.
Lo points her finger at Max. “And it’s a damn valid one, sir.”
“He does make it hard to argue,” Christina agrees.
“But I clean up the best, and according to Chloe, Henry is the hottest when he’s clean cut,” Bennett offers. “Besides, my movie comes out first. The ladies don’t really want to wait much longer for Henry, now do they?” He gives a winning smile to both Christina and Lauren, who, doing their best to not fall victim to his charm, instead stare up at the ceiling.
Will finally leans forward and ticks reasons off on his fingers. “I have the right eye color, the right hair color, the right height. Henry is built like Max right now for Superman, but have you seen Immortals? That is almost exactly my body type.” To demonstrate, Will stands, sliding his shirt up over his abs and winking over at the authors. “Besides, Henry gets stubble within an hour of shaving—he’s a man’s man. And same here. My beard is growing back as soon as my razor hits the bathroom sink.”
“You’re making me wet,” Max says dryly.
“See? Such a man that I turn Max Stella into a chick,” Will says, laughing.
“Well,” Lo says with a shrug, “it seems like we’ll have to leave it up to the Henry Cavill.org readers. Is Henry the clean-cut Bennett character—”
“‘Character’?” Bennett asks, eyes wide. “What do you mean ‘character’?”
“Shh, you’re not real, baby,” Christina coos in his ear.
“The strapping, loveable Brit we all know and adore as Max, or the fit, blue-eyed, jaw-stubbled hottie Will Sumner, from the upcoming Beautiful Player?”
“Are we allowed to vote?” Bennett asks, leaning in.
Lo sighs. “Yes, Bennett.”
“How many times?”
“Once on each IP address, or once under a username or . . .?”
“You’re hopeless,” Max says, shaking his head.
Bennett laughs. “I’m going to win this, brothers. Just wait and see.”


Well readers, what do you think? Please leave a comment below and tell us which character YOU see Henry Cavill playing in the Beautiful Bastard series. We will choose a random winner on Saturday at 9 pm from the comments below to receive a copy of Beautiful Player.

Congratulations to Maria Jose Garcia Diaz and Annie Maddox for winning a copy of Beautiful Player by submitting the winning photos for Bennett and Max shown below.


Bennett — Beautiful Bastard Max — Beautiful Stranger Will — Beautiful Player


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