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REAL… A fallen boxer… A woman with a broken dream… A competition… With an introduction like that, I knew I had to read the book by Katy Evans. Remington ‘Remy’ Tate is the star fighter in an underground boxing circuit. He’s ripped, powerful, handsome and seductive. He wins in the ring night after night. Every woman wants him… and then, he meets Brooke Dumas, a woman guarding her own losses. This wonderfully written story will have you glued to its pages while at the same time tearing your heart in pieces.

When we found out Katy Evans was releasing REAL through Gallery books, we couldn’t wait to talk with her about her book, her writing style, her characters and of course, her impression of Henry Cavill.


HCO: Remington Tate… his name exudes power and strength. His tale is one of love, loss and ultimately redemption. What inspired you to write his story?

KE: The motor of Real has always been Remington, even though Brooke plays an equally important part. Really what got me writing was that incredibly demanding energy I get from Remy, just basically needed to get his story down so he could go after his girl.


HCO: So much of the story is focused on Remy’s demons, but Brooke Dumas has her own inner demons. When you started writing their story, did you know she would have to battle hers as deeply as he would his?

KE: I didn’t, that was a surprise to me. I knew from the beginning about his, but I needed Brooke to tell me about hers. I really loved her being my narrator. She’s soft, but strong, imperfect, while at the same time, all he wants. I admire how she was so attuned to her body, to what she wanted, to what he needed.


HCO: I don’t think anyone who read this book will ever hear the song, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and not be able to think of Remy and his music. What made you use music as the way to Remy’s heart and soul?

KE: I write listening to music, so when I was writing the plane scene where she meets him, I wondered what song he was listening to when he pulled off his headphones to greet her. As the scene progressed, it just came together. I feel like they’re the ones who tell me the story, and I just listened. So I listened and watched in fascination as he scrolled his iPod for a song, and I scrolled mine, and suddenly he just gave me Iris and blew me away. I’d heard this beautiful Goo Goo Dolls song before, but Remy managed to give a whole new meaning to it for me.


HCO: You have Mine and Remy coming out in November. Tell us a bit about those follow up books.

KE: I can’t wait! For real. Mine is the sequel to Real, and I really hope readers experience it spoiler-free like, hopefully, they experienced Real. It was such an emotional experience for me, because I love those two with a passion, and this time they swept me away with even more intensity.

Then, after the sequel, ‘Remy’ follows, which is a shorter length book in Remington’s POV. It’s shorter in length, but meant for those readers who, like me, want to know him even more. What he thinks, how his mind works. Remy is between a full book and a novella length, and it has parts of Real in his POV as well as present-day scenes.

There’s just no “knowing” Remy for real until you experience him in ‘Real’, so I wanted to give you both.


HCO: You told me you were a fan of Henry Cavill’s since The Tudors. Tell us what about Henry reminds you of the intense, emotional Remington Tate. Could you envision Henry Cavill playing Remy if your book was ever turned into a movie?

KE: I love Henry. I could not get over him since The Tudors. From the moment he came up on the screen, I’m sure the reason I kept watching was Henry as that sexy Duke. It would be amazing to see Real in movie form, and I can’t even imagine who’d play Remy or Brooke, but Henry is Henry and he can do anything. He’s an alpha, muscled, with a deep voice, scruffy jaw, he has a playful side, but a serious one…also, aside from the physical aspects, which everyone admires, he’s simply a very talented actor, which, combined with his looks, is a total JACKPOT.


HCO: What role does social media play in promoting your books?

KE: Huge. When Real came out, the extent of my promoting had been using twitter, Facebook, and asking several amazing bloggers if they could please let me send them my book? Since then, there have been the most amazing friendships born. I have met such amazing bloggers, authors, twitters, heard from my fans and fangirled along with them over Remy, and just about had the most amazing time all while helping more people discover Remy and Brooke’s amazing love story.


Fan Questions:


@Stefter Music is such an important element of the story. Did you write the story with these songs already in mind or did they come to you as you went along?

KE: I love music and loved how every song they shared came to me as I wrote. All I began with was the title Real, and the knowledge that Remington wanted to be Brooke’s Real. But as I started, things unraveled, and as I watched Brooke and Remy open up to each other, the songs came popping up. It was like they wanted to share it with one another and I watched.


@OfficeLadyProbz I'll admit Remy's first sniff/lick of Brooke had me a little weirded out. BUT, each time after and by the end of the book, I cried real tears because I sooo want to be licked by Remy! I think everyone wants to know, where did that inspiration come from?

KE: I love that! I really don’t know where his instinctive petting and licking came from, but it just seemed to come from him. He’s such a primal man. He wasn’t really brought up in a common way, so most of his reactions and actions are all instinctive, unfiltered, and raw, which is what makes him so true and real. He doesn’t care about the norm; he cares about what he wants, and he’s feral when it comes to his girl.


@LoriJo717 I can't hear a Goo Goo Dolls song without thinking of Remy, especially Iris. Can you give us a glimpse of what songs/artists will be setting the stage for MINE?

KE: My Mine playlist for some reason was so much longer than Real! I can’t wait to share all of it. There are 16 songs total, and I can say we still have songs from Goo Goo Dolls, they are a must for Brooke and Remy, and there’s also another one from Sara Bareilles, another one from Lifehouse. I can’t wait for you to hear these with them!


@BrownAngelEyes Are you a fan of boxing? Have you ever been to an underground fighting circuit?

KE: Unfortunately, I have yet to visit the Underground, but I’ve been in boxing matches and I’m a fan of all sports. Not merely watching sports, but also the experience of practicing one. I do believe it is such a healthy way to live. And, I personally boxed while writing Real, just to get… REAL!

Thanks so much for having me over, this was incredibly fun!


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