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10 Jul Interview with Christina Lauren

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There’s nothing better on a hot summer day, then sitting poolside with a cool drink and reading a sexy, steamy, fun book. And fortunately for us, we have found the perfect summer read. The fabulous authors Christina Lauren have come out with their novella, Beautiful Bitch; which follows Bennett and Chloe from Beautiful Bastard to a romantic villa in France.

If you haven’t read Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, then we urge you to read our interviews with the authors, get the books and start your summer reading adventure. Many of the readers have identified Henry Cavill as the perfect book boyfriend for not only Bennett in BB, but Max in BS. We love to indulge our minds with images of Henry as both!


In Beautiful Bitch, we see the return of Chloe and Bennett... how did that come about?

When we finished Beautiful Bastard, we really did intend to leave the story there. We liked where it ended, and felt like it left enough closed that the reader felt satisfied, but also left enough open for readers to imagine their own future for our Beautiful sweethearts.

But, as we were writing Stranger, Chloe and Bennett’s future was laid out a little; readers found out that they were engaged, and wanted to know how that happened. It was sort of fun to imagine writing these little off-shoot novellas to give readers a little more of Chloe & Bennett. Lucky for us, Gallery was game for it.


Both Chloe and Bennett made appearances in Beautiful Stranger, will we get to see Max and Sara in this one?

Beautiful Bitch takes place about a year after the end of Bastard and about a month before Stranger. So, readers will see Sara, and they will very briefly see Max, but you won’t get a real fill of Sara & Max until Beautiful Bombshell on September 3rd.


Recently you both did a book bash and from watching the twitter feeds, it looked like a huge success. How was the experience for you? Was it fun to mix and mingle with your readers?

Book Bash was amaaaaazing. It was organized by Maryse from Maryse’s Book Blog. It was our first big book event, and it really blew our minds. The signing event itself was massive, and we met so many wonderful people!! People could bring their books to be signed, and books were also sold on-site by Books-A-Million and all of the Beautiful books sold out! Yay for new readers!

Later that night, we had a blast at AngstFest which was organized by S.C. Stephens and K.A. Linde. So fun. We spent time with our publisher Jennifer Bergstrom, our beloved publicist Kristin Dwyer, some authors from Gallery and Pocket, and all in all, it was a perfect weekend. We wish it had lasted longer.


We have to confess that we have found images of Henry Cavill that have become our book boyfriend for both Max and Bennett. Henry has so many looks that we have made him our permanent book boyfriend. You don’t mind do you? ;-)

Not even a little. ;-) We’d be over the moon!


What is ahead? Whose story will we hear about next?

Well, Beautiful Bitch as you know came out on 7/9. The next novella, Beautiful Bombshell is out 9/3, and that one focuses on the bachelor party and is going to be a ton of fun. After that, you’ll get another full-length novel on 10/29, Beautiful Player, and that is Will Sumner’s story – you met him first in Stranger as Max’s best friend and business partner. Then the Beautiful series wraps up on 11/19 with the release of Beautiful Beginning, the third and final novella, which is Chloe and Bennett’s wedding.

Beyond the Beautifuls? We have a book out early next summer from Gallery that we hope will be the start of something new. We can’t wait to share all of those details. And, there is lots more news from us to come! We are just having the most fun.


Thanks so much for having us!! We love stopping by.



Christina Lauren and Gallery Books have generously given us two SIGNED Beautiful Bitch books to give away — one for Twitter and one for Facebook. To win use the #HenryismyBB hashtag in a tweet tagging us on Twitter and enter to win on Facebook by commenting on this post with the hashtag #HCOContest. The contest ends Friday night, July 12th at 10 pm EST, so enter now. One entry per outlet.


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