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Sylvia Day is an international bestselling author. She has topped the New York Times best sellers list. Her books have been translated into thirty nine languages. They have also taken the #1 spot in eleven countries. Last year, her two novels, Bared to You and Reflected in You were among the top ten bestselling books of 2012 on both Amazon and iTunes.


I discovered Sylvia Day’sCrossfire Series last fall. From about page two, I was engrossed in the story of Eva and Gideon. Their tale of obsession, heartache and love captivated me. When we were discussing Book Boyfriends on our Twitter page, followers immediately identified Henry Cavill as their image of Gideon Cross. We have run two Book Boyfriend polls and with Sylvia Day’s endorsement, Gideon has won both polls.Our followers are thrilled that she was willing to take the time to answer a few of our questions and a few of theirs.



You've been writing and publishing tales of love and romance for years. Many of us have only been reading erotic romance novels for the past year or so. Have you noticed a shift with the interest in your books and especially your Crossfire series?

Sylvia Day: I’ve received quite a number of emails and tweets from readers saying that the only books they’ve read by choice (not required by school) are Twilight and Crossfire or Fifty Shades and Crossfire. Considering that, it makes sense that my readership has grown enormously, because I have a series that’s tapped into the non-reader demographic. That’s what we see when books become a global phenomenon — books that become known to the general public, and not just dedicated readers who are plugged into the literary community. That’s the difference between a #1 New York Times bestseller that sells 100-200K copies and a #1 New York Times bestseller that sells millions of copies. No author can predict or plan for a story to become so well known (if that were possible, we’d do it all the time!), it’s all about right book at the right time. I’ve been blessed by Gideon, Eva, and the readers who’ve rediscovered their love of reading while enjoying my books.

You have at least seven series that you have written or are in the process of writing. How and when do you decide that the idea in your head should be a series of books and not one book?

Sometimes it’s at the conception of the storyline. With Renegade Angels, I knew it would be a trilogy, because the storyline was going to follow three factions — angels, lycans, and vampires. With Crossfire, I thought it would be two books, but it’s taken me much longer to do the story justice. With Marked, I expected it to be an ongoing series with an indefinite number of books. So, sometimes it’s evident from the outset how many books there will be, sometimes it’s a surprise, and sometimes it’s unknown until I get to the end.

I really only have one I can think of and that’s Henry Cavill.

  Sylvia Day

Gideon Cross is so intense and passionate, it made me wonder, do you ever feel emotionally burnt out from the characters in your books? And, if you do, how do you bring yourself back around to write about them again?

It’s easy to return to writing Gideon and Eva’s story, even after spending months crying over them, because I love them so much and I very much want them to find their happily ever after. I want them to get there sooner rather than later — they’ve already been through so much — and that’s only going to happen if I sit down and put the words on the page.

Were you familiar with Henry Cavill prior to all the talk of him being the reader's image of Gideon Cross?

Oh, yes. He first caught my eye in The Count of Monte Cristo. Then I saw him again in The Tudors and loved him as Brandon.

Henry CavillHenry Cavill looking like Gideon Cross

We know that there's news of a television series based on the Crossfire series. What is it about Henry Cavill that makes you think he would make a great Gideon?

Most importantly, he’s the right age. Choosing an actor who isn’t yet thirty is very important to me. Also, Henry is beautiful. Who doesn’t love looking at him? He also conveys vulnerability and longing very well. In the last season of The Tudors, when Brandon fell in love with Brigitte, Henry was stunning in his display of yearning and hopelessness, lust and love.

That said, I’ve been talking with the producers about the story and their plans for the show, and I trust that they’ll find the perfect Gideon. They’re big fans of Gideon and Eva, and they’re paying attention to what the readers want and what I want and what will do justice to the story. I’m thrilled to be working with Lionsgate on Crossfire and I’m excited about their vision for the series — which is my vision in living color — coming to fruition.

Has social media changed the way you market your books and interact with your fans?

It’s allowed me to interact with my readers daily and to engage them as friends. That’s important to me. I know very well how many books are on bookstore shelves. I respect and appreciate the trust a reader gives an author when they spend their hard-earned money on that author’s books. I’m grateful, and the way I can show it is by being available, answering questions, and delivering information in a timely manner. I value the time readers spend with my stories and me, and it’s only fair that I share my time with them in return.




Twitter Questions:

@officeladyprobz Can we have a Top 3 — actors you think could make a good Gideon?

I really only have one I can think of and that’s Henry Cavill. You see, I don’t have a living person in mind when I think of Gideon. He’s absolutely his own man who doesn’t look like anyone else. So my only possibilities are those that readers come up with and their other suggestions — Ian Somerhalder, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer — are too old for the part. Joe would make a great Victor, though!

@donalisaj How hard is it for you to write the story after the initial thought for a particular book?

 It usually flows like a raging river for the first book. If I have additional books to write, that’s when it gets harder and takes longer. Also, if I interrupt a story to write another story, both stories take longer to write.

@dlpicard99 Will there be a 4th book in the Crossfire series? (We saw on your website that there will be… any idea of when that book may be released?)

Yes, I expect the series will be a quintet. And no, the next book isn’t titled or scheduled yet. Once we get past the release of Entwined with You, everyone’s focus will move to Book #4 and I’ll have more information to share. At this point, with Book #3 still a month away, it’s premature to talk about what follows it.


Facebook Questions:

Felicia Moore: In Reflected in You, when Gideon and Eva reunite at his apartment he whispers something. What is it?

Since we’re hearing the story through Eva, we won’t know until she does.

JanaraCeciRodibaugh: What is with Gideon's step brother? Is it jealousy?

All of the Crossfire characters are complex. As the series progresses, we’ll see deeper into the layers of characters such as Christopher, Monica, Stanton, Elizabeth, Ireland… That’s one of the reasons why the series couldn’t be completed in three — or less — installments. Not only do Eva and Gideon have a lot of ground to cover, but the secondary characters have issues to be dealt with as well.

Paula Radell: What inspired you to create Gideon as the character he is?

My novel Seven Years to Sin. Seven is the story of two abuse survivors as well, but of a different nature. Jessica is the survivor of child abuse so vicious she bears physical scars and is deaf in one ear. Alistair was emotionally abused and turned to prostitution as a way to survive and establish value for himself. For numerous reasons, I wasn’t able to delve into the aftereffects of abuse as deeply as I would have liked, so I continued to think about Alistair and Jessica’s story after I finished it. That continuing thought process germinated into Gideon and Eva’s story.

Entwined with You, the third book in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day is due to be released on June 4th.


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