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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who knew I was looking for something fun and erotic to read, recommended a fan fiction called, ‘The Office’. It captivated me from the first chapter. I’d stay up half the night desperate to find out how the romance of the two main characters would play out. The exciting news is that story is now out in print as the Beautiful Bastard


Bennett Ryan is tall, handsome, British and obnoxious. Working for him is MBA student Chloe Mills. From the beginning, she dives head long into a tumultuous love-hate relationship with her boss.Tall, handsome and British… hmmm... I can think of someone who could play that part… The lovely authors, Christina and Lauren generously answered questions from us and from our followers on both Twitter and Facebook.


*Update: Just as we were going to publish our interview, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the film rights to Beautiful Bastard were picked up by Constantin Film. The authors generously agreed to answer a few film questions from us.


Film Rights Questions:

What was your reaction when you found out the book had been sold and would be made into a movie? Screaming? Crying? Dancing?

There was a lot of "Seriously? No, wait, SERIOUSLY?" And then a lot of shouty-capped texts back and forth for about two hours after we got off the phone with our agent.


Is there any timeline of when this might go into production?

Constantin has optioned the film rights, which doesn't guarantee that the movie will be made. They can choose to exercise the option — which of course we hope they will — and there's no way to predict how fast that would happen!


Do you get any say in production of the movie or more importantly for us, casting in the movie?

We get to see it all unfold along with everyone else! Of course we'll give any opinions they ask for, but one of the reasons we were excited to go with Constantin is they were clearly excited about the book and we'd love to see what they do with it. We hope they just have fun with it!


And, last but certainly not least, If you have a say in the casting, would Henry Cavill be on your 'short list'?

Are you kidding? We'd be out of our minds excited! *imagines it* *imagines it some more...*




How did you meet?

We met online writing fanfiction, and met in person for the first time at San Diego Comic Con in 2009.


Have both of you always enjoyed writing?

Lo has been writing stories in one form or another all her life, Christina didn’t start until much, much later.


Did either of you write professionally or do you have entirely different careers?

We have RL day jobs. Lauren is a neuroscientist and Christina works in a school.


Is it challenging to have two writers both contributing to one novel? Do you alternate writing chapters?

Is it difficult? Not really. It would be easier if we could be next door neighbors and just pop over for a cup of sugar and a marathon plotting session, but thankfully, iPhone is *almost* as good. We outline in person, usually, and then, talk through almost every aspect of the book as we write.

And regarding alternating chapters, it depends on the story. With the erotic romance we tend to write alternating POVs which is easy to divide, but that system usually dissolves at the halfway point when we are both in each character’s head, and we tend to write whatever scene comes the most easily (TWSS).


Who created Bennett and did you have anyone in mind when he was created?

The idea for Bennett started in The Office, but he didn’t really become who he is until we began reworking the story together.


How has social media been a part of your journey?

Because we met in an online community, its been a huge part of connecting with our readers. The amazing thing about social media - Twitter, for example - is that you form relationships with readers you’d never have had a way of connecting with before. You get to see their reactions in real-time, see them flail, swoon or even get angry with the characters. It’s a trip.


Several of our followers who have had the chance to read your book have said they pictured Henry Cavill in the role of Bennett. Are you ladies fans of Henry?

OH. YES. In fact, when Lo flew to Utah to surprise Christina for her birthday last year, we stayed up half the night watching The Immortals. Also: The Tudors? SWOON.


If you were given the opportunity to turn your book into a movie, what do you think about Henry in the lead role? (this was before we heard the exciting news!)

Do we get to be there for his audition? And can he be shirtless? If the answer to both of those is a very fast “yes” then, can he also be pantsless? *cough* He would make an excellent Mr. Ryan. We might need to see him practice some angry thrusts. Just saying.


Twitter Questions:

@Krystih Your book was originally written as a fan fiction. Did you have to edit it significantly to publish it as a novel? Do you think the readers who read your original fan fiction will feel like anything is missing?

The Office was twice as long as Beautiful Bastard, so a lot had to be cut and reworked. We like to say that if we did our jobs right, then fans of TO will still feel like they know the characters and the story, but hopefully find that it feels fresh and new. The first half has been heavily revised, and the second half is all new.


@TracyC25 Were you both fans of La Perla before writing or was it something you came across while doing research for the story?

LaPerla is underwear for really rich people... or something the rest of us buy for special occasions. It certainly isn’t to rip and shove in a pocket. In fact, we’d suggest you don’t even use strong language in its presence. Anyway: no, neither of us were regular La Perla customers before this story. We hit the sexy 5 for $20 table at Victoria’s Secret. But, the idea is the fantasy: being the smart, gorgeous woman who can afford expensive underwear and who is only mildly annoyed when your asshat secret lover tears them.


@Stefter What was the deciding factor that made you choose to publish your awesome story? (It's among my all time favorites.)

We signed with our agent for our YA books, so there was a lot of back and forth on whether we wanted to do this and how.The short answer is that it became clear that the story would get published one way or another. We wanted to make sure we were able to do it the way that felt right to us: silly, smutty, fun.


@Bostongirl1212 In your original fan fiction, we got to read both POVs. Are you planning on writing his POV? If not, is there anything we as fans of your writing can do to change your mind?

Beautiful Bastard is told in both Chloe and Bennett’s POV. We talked about doing something different, but both main characters are so strong and over-the-top that they’d seem unreasonable without the benefit of their thoughts. Plus, they’re both hilarious, so it was just a lot of fun to get in their heads.


More information:

Website: http://www.christinalaurenbooks.com/beautiful-bastard
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifulbastard
Christina Twitter: https://twitter.com/seeCwrite
Lauren Twitter: https://twitter.com/lolashoes
Beautiful Bastard Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeautifulBastrd



Exciting news followers, we will give away three copies of the book to our followers. Simply tweet us or give us a Facebook message that you are interested and we will draw three winners. You have until midnight EST Valentine’s Day to claim your book boyfriend, Bennett Ryan. And, trust me... when you read this, you WILL picture Henry Cavill as Bennett. Tweet or Facebook us with the #HenryIsOurBennett to be entered to win.


by Jen F.

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