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A few months ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing the very funny and always delightful, Helena Hunting about her releases Pucked and Pucked Up. When reading both books, Alex Walters immediately reminded us of Henry Cavill. Her latest release is Pucked Over and she kindly got in touch with the book’s protagonist Randy Ballistic so we could ask him a few questions about his character, his favourites and who he’s chosen in the #WhoWillWin battle between Batman V Superman.


Randy, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy hockey season to answer a few questions for us. We are huge fans of Helena's work and we have a bit of a thing for Henry Cavill look alike, and your teammate Alex, but you completely won our hearts in Pucked Over. How's your season with the Pucked gang going?

Alex is a good guy, even if he is a bit of a weirdo. Don’t tell him I said that, though. New seasons are always exciting and challenging, especially since I’m starting with a new team. It’s a good group of guys, though, and it’s nice to be back in Chicago with Miller. We used to play rep hockey together since we were kids, and it’s been a lot of years since we’ve been on the same team, so it’s been a lot of fun hanging out with him again. Plus, it means I get to spend time with Miller’s girl’s best friend, Lily. She’s a good time. That’s been working out well for me.


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill

Five Quickies ...
Favorite athlete - hockey or otherwise? Miller Butterson
Favorite fast food? Lily
Favorite superhero? Iron man
Favorite place to sneak away with Lily? Bathrooms, of course.


Are you a hang at home or go out with friends’ kind of guy?

Depends. I used to be a go out with friends guy, but now I have a lot more reasons to stay at home.


If Alex's story were to be told, we have put our plug in to have Henry Cavill play the lead. If your story was to be made into a movie, what actor do you think could play you well?

Yeah, I can see Henry Cavill as Alex, he’s got that look going on, doesn’t he? Kinda like a prep school boy. Maybe Charlie Hunnam? I don’t know, or that Franggy guy they put on the cover, he’s like my doppelganger.


If you could do any other job, besides playing hockey, what would you do?

I’m assuming getting it on with Lily doesn’t actually count as a form of employment, unless it’s for porn and I’m not cool with anyone seeing her naked but me, so that’s out. Uh, I’d probably work in sports rehab if I couldn’t actually play. I really enjoyed volunteering at the camp this summer with Miller, and working with him on the exhibition fundraiser was cool, I’d do more of that kind of thing when my hockey career is over.


Any chance we will see more of you and Lily in Helena's upcoming writing?

I sure hope so. I mean, she’s always got something brewing. She said something about taking a few scenes that were from Lily’s POV and getting inside my head. One of them I’m not all that excited about, but the girls in her Beaver Den were pretty damn excited to hear more about my moody dick.


Our final question is an important one for us *wink*... The Batman v Superman movie is coming out in less than two months and all the world is choosing sides..Who's going to win... Batman or Superman?

I gotta go with Superman, don’t I? I mean, look where I am. *gestures to his surroundings* It’s a tough call. They both have some serious strengths, but Superman is super, right? You gotta admit, Batman has a kickass car, though.


Thanks so much for your time, Randy (and Helena)... We loved reading your story and hope a lot of Henry's fans will take the time to enjoy it as well.

Thanks so much for wanting to talk to me.



We highly recommend the entire Pucked series, but start with the first book Pucked if you want the perfect book boyfriend in Henry Cavill as your image for Alex Waters. Stay tuned for more follow up releases by Helena.



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