15 Oct Author Alice Clayton Talks Her Latest Book, NUTS

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We have had such fun interviewing Alice Clayton before and absolutely love her tales of fun, antics and romance with hunky males thrown in for good measure. Her latest book, NUTS is among our favourites. What’s not to love with a down to earth story of a chef thrown back into her small town to assist her mother by running her diner only to discover the local farmer is a whole lot of handsome along with supplying amazing fresh produce for her creations?


It's impossible to choose which of your books we like the best, but NUTS is definitely among our favourite of your books. I'm crazy about Leo and Roxie! Tell us about the inspiration for your sexy, walnut farmer story?

Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed! Roxie and Leo are a super fun couple to write, and I really had fun playing with them. The inspiration happened one day, literally out of the blue, when I was at our local farmers market and saw the cutest farmer I ever did see! I was off and running that very day, creating this new world in the Hudson Valley.

One of the things I loved about this story was that it wasn't just a wonderful romance novel, it was an education of sorts about farming, life on a farm and the wonders of reconnecting with our food through farmers markets and eating locally grown food.


Did you research this trend or is it something you experience?

It’s something I really believe in personally, the idea that you can and should work as much as possible with your local community. I’m not going to lie and say I only buy local, I like my avocados too much for that! Several years ago, I started to become more and more aware of the way factory farming was impacting not only our environment, but our health as well. To say nothing of the way these animals are treated. With just an afternoon of research on the internet, I found producers literally all around me here in St.Louis where I could buy beautiful quality protein and produce from locally sourced, humane farms. It’s fun going to market each week and seeing the same people, actually getting to know the people that grow your food!


Roxie is strong, bright, talented and a bit stubborn. Your female characters always have this independence and strength that is inspiring. Is that a trait that's important to you?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to write a different kind of female, and they just all end up being a little crazy, a little kooky, and a lot silly. Should I be worried about that? What does that say about the author...


Tell us about Leo... And though we know he's blonde... His physique and quiet strength certainly reminds us of Henry Cavill. Could you see that?

Oh good grief yes. I feel like Henry has that quiet strength, that quick smile, that looks like he has good breeding but also could ravage you in the sack in the dirtiest way possible look about him, and that’s ALL Leo.


I grew so attached to this romance that I didn't want it to end. Will we see more of Roxie and Leo?

YES! 100% yes. My characters never seem to ride off into the sunset, they always pop up somewhere else. There’s even a cameo in NUTS from The Redhead Series (Ed note: we noticed and LOVED that!)


What's next for you? Any chance of another book in the series?

Next book for me is CREAM, also in the Hudson Valley series. Throughout NUTS we get a few sneak peeks and Roxie’s best friend Natalie, a bonafide city girl, as well as Leo’s neighbor Oscar, who runs the dairy farm next door. These two are FUN.


Speaking of Henry Cavill, did you get a chance to see Man from UNCLE? What did you think?

I am the world’s worst person. I’ve been in the writing cave all summer, not to mention planning my wedding, so I’ve seen literally NO movies. I will be glued to my television though when that one comes out on DVD, I’m saving it for a night when I can send Mr. Alice away for the evening…


Don’t worry Alice, we forgive you.. it’s coming out on DVD at the end of the month, schedule that date with Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo in Man from U.N.C.L.E. now.


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