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Katy Evans is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of such fabulous books as the Real series and now, the Manwhore series. Don’t be caught off guard by the title, Malcolm Saint may have the reputation of being a ‘manwhore’, but as Rachel Livingston discovers, there’s so much more to him than she could have imagined. Katy talked to us when the first book in the series came out and she’s generously chatted with us again about the final release in the series, Ms Manwhore , the final chapter in the love story between Malcolm and Rachel.


In your last full-length release, Manwhore +1 (book 2 of the Manwhore series), was it difficult writing Malcolm and Rachel being apart knowing the feelings they had for each other?

Absolutely. I knew that Malcolm needed some time, but I also knew he wanted her as close as he could get her. Rachel didn't know what he wanted--she wasn't sure, and that uncertainty kept me as on edge as she was, even when I knew that Saint still wanted her and would never stop wanting her. Seeing him close off to her again, it was difficult to go through that, but I wanted to treat it in the most realistic way possible, so I let Saint take the time he needed.


Malcolm Saint exudes control in every book of this series, yet he's also incredibly generous and sensitive. He reminds me of another one of your wonderful Alphas, Remington Tate. Do you like to see that balance in your protagonists?

I do think, at their core, they share some similarities! They both would do anything for the women they love, and they are both no-nonsense men who go after what they want. I really enjoy men who are in control, I think they are sexier than anything. But I also enjoy discovering the layers of an Alpha and finding that there is more to them that meets the eye, something deeper and more substantial. Real people are like that, nobody is ALL selfish, or ALL greedy, or ALL bad (or good.) It's all those layers put together to create a package of very unique man, capable of taking care of a woman like she deserves, that keep me glued to my writing seat.


And now, Ms. Manwhore! Can you tell us a little more about what's happening with Malcolm and Rachel?

Oh Ms. Manwhore is just the funnest, sexiest little story I've ever written. I wrote it in a record 11 days, and the story wasn't even planned as a novella in the beginning. What was supposed to be an epilogue for Manwhore +1 simply was too addictive to wrap-up in a few pages, and pretty soon, I was typing dozens and dozens of extra pages, eager to keep experiencing Saint and Rachel's story. Their amazing soul-deep connection, their road to formalize and enjoy their HEA, and the chemistry that leaps off the pages when they are together are simply a joy to watch and write and read. :)


Once again, Henry Cavill perfectly fit as the book boyfriend (or should we say husband?) image for Malcolm Saint. This time the crisp fitted suits created wonderful images while reading. Does Henry still work for you as the visual for Malcolm?

One hundred percent!! Henry pictures adorned the walls of my writing cave as I wrote every Malcolm Saint page, down to the novella that comes out in October 5th. Henry embodies Saint not only in looks, polish, electric smiles and twinkling eyes, but also in that air of command he exudes that is about the sexiest thing ever!!


What's next for Malcolm and Rachel? Will their story continue?

I am very happy to leave Malcolm and Rachel at such a poignant, fabulous moment in their lives, so Ms. Manwhore is the last story for them — however, I've got plans for Malcolm's friends: Tahoe Roth and Callan Carmichael. So although Ms. Manwhore is the end of Malcolm and Rachel's stories, the "manwhore" world lives on with two other fabulous Chicago billionaire players still out in the field. :)



Remington Tate has a very special place in our heart as one of the most touching male characters. His combination of power and vulnerability made him such a special character. Is it true you're writing more Remy for your readers?

Legend, the 6th and last book in the Real series, releases in February 9, 2016 and I can't wait to share. Although it's not a Brooke and Remy book, per se, there is more Remy and Brooke in this book than in the Real books #4 and #5, and I hope the readers love stepping back into their world and seeing what they're up to. Legend was a very special story for me to write. It's the only book that I've been able to write in the same amount of time that I did Real, which was a record-breaking 21 days. From the moment I sat down to write Legend (like with Real), I felt as if the story already existed and just needed me to type it down.


Are you excited to see Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman next year?

Oh goodness, I am dying to see it! I'm nervous about Batman V Superman because... who will win?! I MUST see Henry kick some bat ass! :) I also truly loved the Man from UNCLE, Henry is not only my ultimate muse — he's gorgeous, charismatic, and that smile? — but his talent is also inspiring. Anything he appears in, I'm watching. I became a fan for life since I first saw him in The Tudors.


Ms Manwhore Book Summary


What lies ahead for Chicago’s most envied couple, Malcolm Saint and Rachel Livingston?

Sparks flew between them in Manwhore. Separated by deception, they felt the intensity and heat of their attraction turn up in Manwhore +1.

Will Chicago’s wealthiest and most notorious player finally settle down, or will one woman never be enough? Find out in Ms. Manwhore, the ultimate conclusion to their electric, breathtaking story.



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