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The last time we chatted with Kristen Ashley was back in the fall of 2013. With the release of her new book Soaring happening this week, we knew we wanted to catch up and chat Henry Cavill and her latest release. Kristen was kind enough to humor us with a jaunt down the ‘Henry Cavill is an awesome book boyfriend lane’ as well as chat with us about her newest release and even told us what she thought of the sexy, fun Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer released last month.


HCO: Thank you very much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer a few questions and share with us which characters you think Henry might embody perfectly. We also cannot wait to hear more about your new release, Soaring from the Magdalene series. But first things first, can we chat Henry Cavill and your hot alpha characters?

KA: No, first things first, sistah, you send an interview with photos of Henry Cavill and think I can concentrate? Say what? I opened this up, scrolled through, my mind got kinda foggy and I might have started drooling.

I gave myself a shake and went downstairs to get a fortifying cup of coffee. So I’m okay now and we can DEFINITELY chat about Henry and more Henry with maybe a bit o’ my hot alphas thrown in.


HCO: Last time we chatted, you shared with us the photo of Henry Cavill that leapt off the page and hollered Lee Nightingale to you. We cannot wait to hear what other characters from your books you think Henry could play the role as, but we would love to share with you a few of our favorites. The trouble we have is that Henry Cavill has many looks, can play so many types of characters and he is so handsome that he tends to take over for the book boyfriend role in our head A LOT. So bear with us as we share a couple of our favorites.

KA: Right on. Sock it to me.


HCO: Let’s start with our favorite series, the Rock Chick series. I know you saw a photo of Henry and it screamed Lee Nightingale, but true confessions… The character that screamed Henry Cavill to us was Hank Nightingale. Tall, dark, handsome, and straight forward cop who knows what he wants and will get it.. Now, that’s a role we would love to see Henry play.

KA: I can see that. Lee and Hank are brothers. I think it was more of that black and white pic of Henry that sent my mind Lee’s way when I saw it. The intensity of his eyes. Hank is definitely more boy-next-door (well, MAN-next-door) good guy in the white hat, badass but sensitive. After seeing a few key, heartwarming scenes between Henry and Amy Adams in Superman, I can SO see Henry as Hank.


HCO: The Dream Man series and specifically, The Mystery Man with Hawk Delgado also screams Henry Cavill. He’s tall, sexy, dark and very mysterious. Did we mention sexy? And the one thing that comes to mind every time we think of Hawk (aside from his sexy good looks) is cargo pants. Tough, serious, do not mess with him look on his face AND those amazing cargo pants.

KA: Ha! That’s so weird! When you were talking about which characters in each series Henry could play, I thought, “Dream Man. Hawk. Absolutely!” And then you throw a pic of him in cargo pants at me! PROOF!


HCO: Then, Holden Maxwell completely melted our heart in, The Gamble from your Colorado Mountain Series. He’s all kinds of rough outdoor mountain man on the outside with a sensitive caring, broken heart on the inside.

KA: I definitely see Henry as more Max from THE GAMBLE than anyone else in the Colorado Mountain Series. That said, Chace from BREATHE is blond so I wouldn’t wanna go there with Henry’s dark, good looks but if Chace happened to have dark hair, Henry, I feel would be even more awesome as Chace. This good guy who thinks he’s gone bad who opens himself up to a strong woman who sets him on the right course and brings him back to himself. Henry would definitely pull that off. Alas, I might tackle any stylist who would even attempt to make him fair.


HCO: Now those are a few of our favorites, we would love to hear more about yours. Which alpha males in your books do you think Henry Cavill could portray?

KA: Even though Henry screams Hawk from the Dream Man series, I don’t think he’s far off Mitch from LAW MAN in that series. I don’t know why but I can see him playing a character where he’s handling a woman with serious self-confidence issues and doing it with badass sensitivity (a la my note about Hank Nightingale from the ROCK CHICKS, above).

I think he could be an AWESOME Tanner Layne from GOLDEN TRAIL from The ’Burg series. Layne a bit older but that book is told entirely from the hero’s point of view and there’s a lot going on for Layne in that book, action-wise and emotionally — building a bond with his son, dealing with all the crazy around him as well as rebuilding what he has with his woman.

But we started talking about this interview because, give Henry a few more years, he’d be perfect for Mickey Donovan in SOARING. Those eyes. That hair. Those eyes (bears a repeat because Mickey’s eyes are AWESOME and so are Henry’s). There is some badassery going on in this book, but again, the read is that Mickey’s very in tune with his heroine (after they clash…repeatedly…and hotly…denying their attraction). I guess I’m just drawn to my heroes for Henry who have their work cut out for them with their women and have “the touch” that’s more of a light touch than my normal steamroller alphas, do you get me?


HCO: Oh we get you, loud and clear! On March 16th the next book in the Magdalene series is going to be released. Tell us a bit about Soaring.

KA: It’s the second in the Magdalene Series, with the first book in that series being THE WILL. The heroes and heroines are older (late 40’s) and have had some significant hits in life.

This series is about never giving up. This series is about learning that you can continue to grow and change and learn and mold yourself into whoever you wanna be no matter the years that have gone by. This series is about taking your hits, being brought down to your knees and finding the strength to get right up and keep on fighting. And this series is an exploration, mostly of the heroines, about making huge mistakes in their lives and finding the strength inside not to be defined by those mistakes. To learn and rectify them, move on and fight for happy.

Amelia Hathaway, the heroine in SOARING, has made a massive mistake in her life when she acts out after a bitter divorce. She’s lost the respect of her children. She’s lost her self-respect. So she has a very intense journey she must take to right those wrongs. Luckily, she finds Mickey and the good people of Magdalene and that means she also finds support along the way.


HCO: Mickey Donovan is described as ‘a man so beautiful Amelia takes one look at Mickey and knows she wants it all from him.’ We certainly have an idea, but would love for you to tell us why Henry Cavill would be the perfect Mickey.

KA: It’s the eyes. Well, the eyes and hair and the strong jaw. Obviously Henry is exceptionally handsome but there’s also something not forbidding about him. Mickey is a good man. A good father. A good friend. A good neighbor. He’s friendly, helpful, social. He wades into Amelia’s problems right away, no hesitation. I see Henry as totally being able to pull off a guy like that. That’s the vibe he gives off. That you’d move in across the street and he’d ask you for a barbeque. (And should this happen, I’ll bring the cole slaw.)


HCO: Finally, have you seen Henry Cavill in the new Man from U.N.C.L.E. trailer? The 60s spy thriller done Guy Ritchie style looks like it’s going to not only be a visual beauty, but funny and sexy, as well. What did you think?

KA: GUUUUUUUUURRRRRRLLLLL, the first time I cued that puppy up on YouTube, I watched it three times. No Joke. First, I love Guy Ritchie’s films. Loved them all the way back to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Ritchie gives good film, straight up. But the trailer showed something stylish, dark, eye catching, action-packed but there was a lot of humor shoved into it. Hot guys. Style. Guy Ritchie. Action. Henry Cavill in a suit. And it being funny? I’m there!


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