06 Mar Author Lesley Jones talks 'Conviction', her writing process and Henry Cavill

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Author Lesley Jones has chatted with us before about her latest releases and her thoughts on Henry Cavill. One of my favorite quotes from her was, “The problem is I picture Henry as every leading man, in every book I read and every book I write.” We sympathize with her as we have that ‘problem’ as well. Lesley recently released Conviction, a second chance love story about rock god, Conner Reed and his lost love, Nina. Conner plays for one of the world’s biggest bands, and is gorgeous, sexy, wild and lost. Conviction is a second chance love story that is a book filled with loss, emotion, and redemption. Lesley took a moment out and answered some questions we had about Conviction, her writing process and Henry Cavill.



Tell us about your inspiration for Conviction.

It was actually an Ed Sheeran song called, Nina. I was listening to it in the shower, when I got the idea. I had to get out and make notes on my phone.


What is your writing space like? Do you have a favorite food or drink you enjoy while writing?

My writing space has two sofas, a fire and a coffee table. I like to sit with my legs up and my laptop, in my lap. I can't write at a desk, no idea why, I just don't feel inspired. I need complete silence, which can be a problem in a house like mine.

A cup of tea is my favourite thing to drink when I'm writing. When I'm on a roll, I tend to forget to eat.


Conviction is your first stand alone. Did you know from the start this would be a solo book?

I did. I thought it would be easy but as I got towards the end of the story, I started thinking of so many different scenarios for Conner and Nina that I wondered if I should turn it into two books. Anyway, I reined in my imagination and managed to create my first stand alone.


We know you're a Henry Cavill fan. Did he inspire any characters in this book? What's the character's personality like?

He did, Conner's older brother Tyler. I think it's because there are four brothers in the book and I know Henry comes from a large family of boys, he was the first person I thought of for the brother that Conner is closest to.


What was your favorite movie or tv series that Henry Cavill has starred in?

I love, love, loved him in The Tudors. I wish he'd lighten up a bit and do a rom com or something.


What's your next writing project?

I'm currently working on Marley's book, which will be a companion novel to Carnage, alongside that, I'm also writing The Letters. This is a novella, containing some of the letters that Sean sent to Gia over the years. (The two main characters in Carnage.)


How does social media effect your book promotion?

Without social media, my writing career would be non-existent. As an indie author, I rely on it for all of my promoting and as a way to communicate with all of my readers on a personal level. I readily admit to being a bit of a social media ho, but hey, there's much worse things to be in this life.


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