04 Mar Author Tori Madison talks Beneath It All and the follow up book, Beneath, You’re Beautiful

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Tori Madison wrote a sensitive, emotional book series about a woman battling cancer and the roller coaster her life becomes in, Beneath It All and the follow up book, Beneath, You’re Beautiful. One of the pivotal characters in the books is Dr. Blake Forrester, her plastic surgeon, a handsome man and a very kind doctor. When reading the series, we imagined Henry Cavill as Dr. Forrester in every scene… and some of those scenes were rather steamy. Imagining Henry Cavill as a physician was quite a wonderful image.

Tori was kind enough to answer some questions for us. If you’re looking for a book that combines an emotional story for women with romance and friendship, then you should read the Beneath Series.


Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired your writing.

I’m a Minnesota girl who learned to love life and celebrate the simple things in life after battling breast cancer. With the love and support of my husband and twin daughters, I accepted an author friends’ challenge to write a book about a woman with breast cancer. Since my life isn’t that interesting, Victoria was born and her story quickly poured out of me. The Beneath Series is fictional, however, the parts specific to breast cancer definitely pull from my personal journey.


Where do you like to read?

Anywhere. Caribou Coffee shop, curled up in my favorite chair, on the beach in the summer. You name it and I’ll read there!


Does music inspire you?

Music plays a major role in my life. I grew up dancing and figure skating, and feeling the emotions of music plays a significant role in expressing yourself. Writing while listening to music has the same effect for me. I was struggling to write for a few weeks and La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong came on and a scene hit me from out of nowhere and broke my writer’s block. Many of the songs in my book were the inspiration for many scenes.


Do you have a favorite writing snack or drink?

Mango Iced Tea from Caribou or LaCroix sparkling coconut water are always nearby. I did celebrate with cheesecake after publishing both books... I may have had it a few times while writing, too.


When we read the book, 'Dr McHottie' was (of course) played by Henry Cavill in my head. What do you think; could Henry fill the role of a sexy, handsome, caring doctor?

There’s no question that Henry could and would fill the role perfectly! His looks are spot on and he is such an amazing actor, I think he would make an incredible Dr. Blake Forrester. Let him know the part is his if he wants it! A girl can dream...


How do you hope to impact women with your books?

I hope to impact women in several ways. The Beneath Series shows several viewpoints on a woman battling breast cancer. You see the co-survivors supporting her, you see a woman struggling with her life spiraling out of control, and you see her put on a brave face and be there for her friends when they need her.

The book isn’t all about breast cancer. It is very present in the book, but I wanted to show that life still “happens” when you are battling cancer, or any disease for that matter. Just because you hear those four words “You. Have. Breast. Cancer.” it doesn’t mean that the world stops and everyone else’s life stops. It doesn’t and you have to learn to make it work. You learn to lean on the people you love and you find out who truly loves you.


Beneath It All was your first book and was the story of Victoria's discovery that she had breast cancer and her journey battling it. In Beneath, You're Beautiful, she has an awakening and sees her life in a new way. Do you feel like you've told us her full story or might we see more of her?

Victoria’s story comes full circle in Beneath, You’re Beautiful. She’s found where she needs to be and, as far as I’m concerned, her story is complete.

However, her three friends, Bobbie Jo, Dana and Jen all have something to say. Which means, Victoria isn’t far away and you will see her again.


How does social media effect your promotion of your books?

Ha! That is an excellent question. It has made an impact, however, with working full-time and being a “dance mom”, I don’t have the time I would like to have to be able to do more promo and marketing.

My Twitter often sits “twitter-less”, Tsu is visited when I remember, and Facebook is updated frequently, but they don’t like to show you.

I’m a one-woman show and take pride in what I’ve done, basically, by myself with the amazing love and support of my husband, daughters and close friends.


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