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Early in January, we were talking about Henry Cavill and The Tudors on Twitter and a tweet from Author S.L. Scott popped up. I’d been following her for ages on Facebook and had always enjoyed her posts, but never had a chance to read any of her books. I found out shortly after, that Henry Cavill was in fact, the inspiration for one of her book characters. I immediately downloaded the first book in her Inside Out series and dove in. I read all four of the series within a week. They were intriguing, sexy, heart breaking and fun to read. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and to share which pictures of Henry inspire her character.


I'd read that the From the Inside Out series was a book idea you had for a long time before you wrote it. Where did the idea come from to write a series with two different potential endings?

I wrote the base of this story in 2011. I was listening to the song “Something” by Jim Sturgess from the soundtrack to Across the Universe on my way to run errands. I pushed repeat about five times before I arrived. The opening scene about the red and running into her Ex at a restaurant formed. By the time I reached my destination, I had the whole scene up to the point she arrives at her friend Brandon’s place mapped out. I sat in the parking lot and typed it all out on the Notes app of my phone. That scene is still the same scene as it was back then. I love that it came to me so clearly.

The potential for two endings came when my team of readers and editors were so divided on who they liked more – Austin or Dylan. So jokingly we were like I should write both… and then I said, ‘OMG! I’m going to write both with no guarantees of HEA’s or anything else. Like Sliding Doors – two completely different endings’. I could have written more if I’d had more time. Brandon still might get one of his own one day.


Did you feel a leaning toward one man or the other? Or was it harder to write one or the other of the male protagonists?

I originally had picked one, but it was hard because I loved the other too. They were actually easy to write because they were so completely different from each other. So when I was writing one, it flowed naturally with their personality. Jules is different as well with each, so that made it emotionally different to write one than the other.

Dylan might have been harder emotionally to write overall because of the baggage that comes with his story. When Jules was with him, she was tense and emotionally on guard. I felt every emotion in that story.


You first caught our eye when you tweeted about Henry Cavill. It was a lot of fun reading the series, knowing Austin was inspired by Henry. Can you tell us what about Henry caused you to choose him for the inspiration of Austin?

The Tudors.

Do I need to say more? *giggles* I’ve also seen him at Comic Con on two panels – Immortals and Superman. He’s gorgeous and charming and I could really see him embody the character of Austin who is smart, savvy, charming, rich, and down to earth. He was very nice to imagine when I was writing.

My team told me I couldn’t tell people who I imagined for Austin when I released or I’d sway readers to choose him over Dylan. haha


You are very active in social media. How does it help get the word out to your readers?

Social media allows me to do what I love – connect with others who share this same passion of mine whether it’s connecting with readers, authors, or bloggers, we get to chat books. Also, I have a team who work with me that are amazing, but once the book is out, it’s so fun to take the journey over again through reader’s eyes.


What is in the works for you next?

I actually have four projects that I’m working on with two taking up most of my time. They are all different and exciting, but unfortunately I can’t share anything yet. Stay tuned…


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