11 Dec CJ Wells Talks about Take A Bow & Henry Cavill As Inspiration

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When we interviewed CJ Wells earlier this year, they had released their sexy, intriguing novel, Perfect Plans and were working on their follow up book, Take A Bow. On December 1st, they released Take A Bow and we are thrilled they could take a moment to chat with us.


Last we chatted, you had recently released Perfect Plans. It tells the story of Aby, a young woman who has realized her life isn't going in a direction that she really desires and Alex, a stunning young actor who she 'bumps' into. They start a relationship, but it certainly has its bumps along the way. Tell us a bit about what is up next for Aby and Alex in Take A Bow.

When writing Take A Bow, it was important for us to shape the journey and subsequent growth of Aby and Alex — not only as a couple, but more importantly as individuals. In Perfect Plans, Aby — our heroine — made a life altering change: abandoning her marriage of twelve years, and moving across the world to London, England to begin anew. As with all drastic life changes, comes fear, yet over time, also discovery. Alex — our beloved hero — also struggles with his past of broken trust, combined with his desire for a lasting, loving relationship. Take A Bow highlights their journey. Will Aby’s doubt in herself for the last twelve years hold her in its grasp, preventing her from committing and trusting? Will Alex’s past resurface and blind his own actions in pursuit of love? All of these questions and more are answered in Take A Bow. The conclusion to Perfect Plans is filled with self-discovery, learning to trust, self-confidence and above all else, true love. Oh, and yeah, it’s also freakin’ HOT! [smirks]


We know Henry Cavill inspired your character, Alexander Tate. Did he continue to inspire you during your process of writing Take A Bow?

Absolutely [wipes drool]. Henry Cavill was, and still is, the face of Alexander Tate. Henry is the kind, loving, and passionate man behind the creation of Alex, and continues to inspire us. With that said, as with all characters that take a shape of their own, Alex has taken on his own individuality. And, yes, his HOT factor went up a few notches in Take A Bow… Alex certainly represents the sensual and seductive man we all would like to imagine lies beneath the world-famous façade of Henry Cavill. Fantasy is fun!


What's next for both of you? Will there be more C.J. Wells books?

We are elated to say that we have two upcoming novels releasing in 2015. By popular demand, the first, titled Spicy, is the story of Stacey Stevenson — the hilarious, potty-mouthed, fun-loving BFF of Aby in The Perfect Plans Series. Stacey has a very intriguing past — a story for which we look forward to telling! Secondly, we have Lost Hope — the story of Ryan Justice, a bad boy full of angst as a result of losing the love of his life. Although also an erotic romance, Lost Hope is filled with intrigue and suspense that we cannot wait to share!


How does social media affect your book promotion?

We’ve said it before, and it still holds true today… Social media IS our book promotion. As virtually new authors to the scene, we’ve relied heavily on the benefits of social media as a means to get our stories into the hands of readers. We are forever grateful to the Bloggers and fellow Authors who’ve assisted us along the way in spreading the word. Their friendship and support has meant the world to us! Particularly Henry Cavill.Org. Thanks to you, Alexander Tate — the book boyfriend inspired by the dashing Henry Cavill himself — is reaching the fans that will love and appreciate him as we do. Our many, many thanks!


Share with us a few photos of Henry that helped inspire your writing.

Oh, this part is fun! There are WAY too many to choose from — we like to call it research, not stalking [wink, wink] — however, however, these are a few of our FAVS!...





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