12 Aug Author Lesley Jones talks her new book, Carnage #2, and Henry Cavill

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Author Lesley Jones chatted with us about her book Saviour and Carnage series as well as her adoration for Henry Cavill a couple of months ago. She recently released Carnage #2: The story of me on August 1st. This is the much anticipated follow up to her book Carnage #1: The story of us. We caught up with Lesley and asked her about the response to her new book and just where Henry Cavill fits in as the perfect book boyfriend in her series.


Originally you wrote Carnage #1: The story of us as a stand-alone. What inspired you to continue Georgia's story with Carnage #2: The story of me?

My readers and the bloggers that the Arc was sent out to.
I really wasn't expecting the response and reactions I got from the first book and felt I owed it to my readers to give them some closure.


What was the most challenging aspect of continuing her story?

Getting back inside Georgia's head. It almost felt like I was intruding. I hope I did her justice.


Readers tend to have very strong emotions when finishing Carnage #1: The story of us. How has the readers' response been to the books continuation?

Most have loved it. There are a few who would've preferred it to have been left at just the one book, but the majority have been thrilled that I've written a book 2 and they are over the moon with the way it ended. I'm actually receiving messages of love this time, rather than threats of violence (like I received with the first book).


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill

Last time we chatted, we talked about your adoration for Henry Cavill. If your second book was made into a movie, do you think Henry could be cast as Cam (Cameron King)?

Absolutely, in fact I might even insist on it, and of course, I would have to be cast as Georgia. Can you imagine Henry Cavill calling you “Kitten”? Oh. My. Days!!!
I think the role would be great for Henry. It's time for him to play a character that's a little bit darker and who better for him than Cam?


Georgia's extended family and friends have such an emotional, funny and poignant bond. Will there be any more books now that Georgia's story is done?

Absolutely. I will start work on a book from Marley's POV later this year. It will cover the time from when the band first made it big, right up to the present, so there will be quite a lot of Sean in the book.
After that, hmmm, I'm not sure yet, but I'm toying with the idea of giving another character their own book, but that's still undecided.


What other writing projects do you have in the works?

I'm working on an anthology with ten other authors. My short story will be an introduction to my next book (a new series). The anthology is due for release in November. I'll then write the first book in the new series, and then Marley's book. In between writing and the author signings in Melbourne, London, York, England and Montreal, Canada I'm due to attend, my life is pretty full for the next year or so.


You can find Carnage #2: The story of me on Amazon.com.





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