02 Dec Henry Cavill talks Ben Affleck as Batman

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Man Of Steel is out on Blu-ray in UK today, and TotalFilm magazine put a video interview with Henry Cavill. He was asked about his brand-new co-star / sparring partner in the sequel, Ben Affleck. You know, Batman. After that, Metro.co.uk posted another video with the question about the relationship between the two superheroes. To find out what Henry Cavill thinks of Affleck's casting and Superman/Batman pairing, check out the two videos below.

Henry said, that he feels the two superheroes will have an "interesting relationship": "The next instalment, as we all know, is involving another rather important character, and I’m looking very forward to that interaction, because ultimately they’re two sides of the same coin.

"How they interact, how they clash and how they ultimately aim towards the same goal is going to be an interesting relationship," he added, "and I look forward to playing that with Ben especially." (via Metro.co.uk)


On Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry said: "I'm sure he'll be fantastic above all else and as a filmmaker, he's got his own style. You know, he's not copying anyone else and he's been tenacious in his career. He's had ups followed by downs and now he's very up again and I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character. It's something I enjoy working with because jobs like this require strength of character. They require a dedication to the work and a belief in one's self and Ben has that, clearly."

And if you've already bought your copy of the movie, you can join in on a Tweetalong, which kicks off at 8pm tonight, hosted by @ManofSteel_UK.


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